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PC to DiNi workflow 

05-04-2020 08:41

PC to DiNi workflow:


We recently purchased a DiNi and after using it in the field, it became apparent that the ability to import point sets would greatly increase productivity in the field. While the workflow for DiNi to PC export is well documented, the import workflow is non existent. I had contacted my local Sitech dealer and was told "its not possible". The dealer that sold us the DiNi informed me that "in fifteen years, no one has asked that question". We finally got a half solution from Trimble support and stumbled through to get the rest.


For those of you that would like to fully use the stakeout function from the gun and eliminate point creation from the gun face plate, as follows:



M5 report template -

Data Transfer Utility -



The DiNi uses the M5 format in a .DAT extension. To get this you need a .job file.


Create points required for the field work in TBC.

You will need a name/code system that will make the points easily identifiable from the gun as the report only shows the last nine characters of the point name

Select Points

Export points as Digital Field Book Job exporter(.job) 

Open Reports and select Job Report Generator

   1) select the recently created .job export

   2)   select the M5 report - M5 Elevations for DiNi from your file location or select from the web link in Generator 

   3) the .DAT file is selected automatically as the export extension

Open Current edition of DATA Transfer Utility

Connect DiNi

Open Send Tab and locate newly created .DAT file(s)

Select and "Transfer All" 




Attached is the M5 report as used in the DiNi and the output from stakeout session as .DAT (can be opened in Notepad) 

You can select points from the gun by name, by memory, etc. It makes the stakeout function...function.

Eliminate field input errors, increase productivity. Send crew with a print sheet of the point list and they are merely verifying name and Z as apposed to the complete input in field.

Standardize point names/codes from the office 







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05-04-2020 16:51

Thanks for Sharing Nate - I am sure that it all depends on where the question lands as to the response you get - as you found out here.


That should not be the case but unfortunately it is the case - Please ask the question on the Forum and we will find you the info if it is available.



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