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TBC 5.52 Read Me 

08-16-2021 14:09

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Trimble® Business Center – Version 5.52

TBC v5.52 includes the following feature enhancement:
  • Trimble web services – Security for Trimble web services has been enhanced to provide safe, continued support for these services.
TBC v5.52 fixes the following issues:
  • VCE project files saved in TBC v5.5X sometimes failed to open in older versions of the program, even when using a workaround that allows you to open a newer project file (pressing Ctrl + Shift while dragging-and-dropping the VCE file into a TBC graphic view).
  • Mobile Mapping single-run registrations performed with a geoid provided inconsistent residuals and a wrong Sbet (Smoothed Best Estimate of Trajectory).
  • Users who had upgraded to TBC v5.51 may have encountered an error when initially starting the program.
  • An ambiguous message ("There was an error generating the alignment data for publishing.") appeared when publishing a machine data overlay and alignment to WorksOS. The message now informs you that "An emulator for the specified machine and software version cannot be found:

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