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TBC 5.70.1 Patch Notes 

07-25-2022 13:57

Important Note! This version of Trimble Business Center is available to users whose current warranty expiration date (perpetual license users) or subscription expiry date (subscription license users) is June 1, 2022 or later. If your warranty or subscription expires prior to this date and you proceed with the installation, licensed features will not be available. You can contact your distributor to purchase a warranty extension or renew your subscription. In the TBC ribbon, select Support > License Manager to verify your warranty or subscription expiration date.

New features

 General:

  • Snap mode for vector PDF nodes - When you enable node snapping in an imported vector PDF, you can now turn the function on/off with the other running snap modes (by checking the Vector PDF nodes box in the Running Snap Mode Options dialog).

 Mobile Mapping:

  • View synchronization - When you rotate the Panoramic View, TBC synchronizes the 3D View with the Panoramic View (orientation, position, zoom level, and field of view are kept). Rotate and zoom in or out in each planar view.
  • Region of Interest - You can now use the Esc button to escape from picking when defining the Length, Width and Step values.

Fixed bugs


  • When you created a local site in TBC and saved it to the Coordinate System Database, the Local Site Properties > Vertical Adjustment pane was displaying correct slope distances but the values were mislabeled as "ppm".
  • Parcels imported from LandXML files might not have included parcel names.
  • LAS files imported into ArcGIS Pro from TBC were sometimes not positioned in the correct geographic location.


  • Takeoff Reports with AOIs that included overexcavation areas calculated entire isopach volume quantities (which should have been zero) when one of the AOIs did not have the overexcavation within its boundary.
  • The Surface Information Report did not include any values.
  • You could not import a DWG file; an import error message was shown and no data was imported.
  • When using Shrink Wrap, elevations from crossing or intersecting lines were not honored in the created line.
  • You encountered problems when digitizing cross-sections associated with station equations using a colon (':') operator in the format (e.g., 1795+96.75:3).
  • The Digitize Cross-Section command would either not open or throw an error message.
  • When digitizing a cross-section, the displayed slope (click-and-hold a node) showed a value 10x the actual slope value (e.g., 1.25% was shown as 12.54%).
  • The Earthwork Report was missing multiple area and volume rows.
  • Elevation data was not being extracted from linestrings when using the End Point Snap.
  • CAD objects would not snap to other objects when the Turn on CAD Grips option was enabled.
  • The Area/Length/Count Report did not include layer details.
  • Work order data did not display in the Work Order Viewer.
  • You got an exception/error message when:
    • Repeatedly clicking on a previously imported file name in the Import command pane (with the Close command after import box checked).
    • You moved a pipe to a different run and then selected the empty run to delete it.
    • You closed the Digitize Cross-Section dialog by clicking [X] instead of Cancel.
    • You hovered the cursor over a CAD spline.

Mobile Mapping:

  •  When working with Region of Interest, the step value did not change correctly when tabbing out of the field.
  •  Scan visibility in the Run View incorrectly applied the custom view filter.
  •  Camera 4 calibration values did not have the correct sign when exported from an existing project.
  •  The trajectory height was not correct for the local Beijing datum.
  •  Camera markers in the side views did not react and move when you clicked on them.

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10-25-2022 09:03

There is a bug in 5.70, If I create a point in TBC I can go to the change elevation tool and set it to any of the options and edit the elevation.

If I import points I was able to do the same thing to points I imported, but now I can not use change elevation on imported points.
Either it's a bug that needs fixed or you guys are blocking imported points to be vertically edited.

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