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TBC 5.81 Release Notes 

12-05-2022 15:54

New features

Following are the new features included in this version of Trimble Business Center. To view context-sensitive help at any time while using TBC, press F1.
  • IGS20 reference frame support - TBC supports the latest IGS20 reference frame for using precise orbits when processing baselines.
    Note: TBC automatically downloads the first version (version 0) of the applicable IGS20 precise orbit data file. If a newer version is available (for example, version 1), you can download it by clicking the Manual button in the Internet Download pane and logging in the IGS website using your own personal login. Then you can import the file using the TBC import dialog or with the drag-and-drop method.
  • DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series UAS support - TBC supports the import and processing of photogrammetry data collected with the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series model M3E UAS using TBC's simple but powerful aerial photogrammetry workflow.
  • Easily run multiple Earthwork Summary reports - An Apply button has been added to the Earthwork Summary command allowing the command to remain open after running a report so that you can easily continue to run additional Earthwork Summary reports as necessary without having to reopen the command each time.
Mobile Mapping enhancements 
  • Trajectory Plots - After computing a SBET with the Process Raw Trajectory Data command, the resulting plots opened only once. The Trajectory Plots feature lets you open the plots without running the command again.
  • GPS Exif attributes - A new option allows you to add the GPS Exif attributes to the panoramic images when exporting MX9 and MX50 data.
  • Trajectory Settings - A button has been added to the Trajectory Settings feature to revert the Real-time and Processed trajectories and all RMS color ranges to the default values.

Bug fixes

The following major bugs have been fixed in this version of TBC:
  • IFC properties contained in a JOB file did not import into TBC.
  • The Register a Mission command icon was missing from the Mobile Mapping ribbon.
  • Exporting to TopoDOT was sometimes failing.
  • A plan that was printed using the Print Plan Set command could include distorted images and text.
  • Deleting a label style could cause an error.
  • A WorksManager Work Order would not refresh after the first synchronization.
  • When sending designs to WorksManager from TBC, an avoidance zone warning message was displayed even though an avoidance zone was not provided in TBC or WorksManager.
  • An error could occur when you deleted a point style using the Label Style Manager.
  • JXL files could not be imported from Trimble Access 2022.10.
  • Photogrammetry processing failed when a subscription license was being used.
  • Superelevations were missing in WorksManager designs published from TBC when using the "Cleanup VCL file" option.
  • An error could occur when adding utility nodes to a point table.
  • When exporting points with date attributes, the format type defined by the user was not supported.
  • When you imported a PDF file and then changed the name to match a Plan Set, the name was not changed in the Project Explorer, where it also incorrectly displayed a PNG file extension.
  • Lines with negative elevation nodes were exported to SHP files and File Geodatabases as 0 elevation.
  • Assigned COGO parcel names were not centered on parcels by default.
  • An error occurred when exporting a zip file in SCS Data Manager 3.18.
  • An error could occur when exploding CAD blocks.
  • With "Turn on CAD grips" and "Display visual snap indicators" enabled, CAD grips did not always work correctly in the Profile view while editing the vertical alignment.
  • A vertical design failed because the source line’s vertical (3D) information was stripped, rules were stripped, or the Automatic-Z property was ignored.

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