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TBC 5.90.1 Read Me 

07-21-2023 09:04

© 2023 by Trimble Inc. All rights reserved.
Important note! This version of Trimble Business Center is available to users whose current warranty expiration date (perpetual license users) or subscription expiry date (subscription license users) is May 1, 2023 or later. If your warranty or subscription expires prior to this date and you proceed with the installation, licensed features will not be available. You can contact your distributor to purchase a warranty extension or renew your subscription. In the TBC ribbon, select Support > License Manager to verify your warranty or subscription expiration date.
This document describes the enhancements and bug fixes included in TBC v5.90.1.


  •  Mobile Mapping batch export - You can now export Mobile Mapping data within a batch routine to available formats (TMX, TopoDot, Las, and Solv3D).
  •  Point cloud exporters - The names of the following exporters were changed to better describe their relationship to Trimble X Series scanning systems and Trimble SX Series total station/scanning systems:
    •  "TopoDOT exporter" was changed to "SX Series to TopoDOT exporter".
    •  "TX7 to TMX exporter" was changed to "X Series to TMX exporter".

Fixed bugs:

  •  Mobile Mapping:
    •  TBC could freeze when hovering the mouse cursor over a trajectory line.
    •  Deleting scans of a run and splitting it also deleted scans of un-split runs.
  •  An error could occur when selecting a coordinate system from the "Recently Used" list in the Change Coordinate System dialog.
  •  TBC was unable to publish 3D data in a Station View to a Trimble Clarity presentation using the Publish to Clarity command.
  •  Files could not be exported from TBC to Trimble Connect.
  •  An error could occur when importing scan data contained in TDX files.
  •  When using the Extract Line Features command to extract overhead line features from a point cloud, the extraction process could stop abruptly.
  •  If the Shrink Wrap command was used to create a region outline from points and the project was closed and reopened, an error occurred and the drawing could not be opened.
  •  When using the Create Points from CAD command to create points from lines with vertical information, the points had no elevations.
  •  An error could occur when using the Change Elevation command to change the elevation of a reference surface.
  •  An error could occur after using the Best Fit Line command to create a line and then recomputing or closing and opening the project.
  •  The Best Fit Line command could not be used with point cloud data.
  •  Aerial photogrammetry:
    •  The import of aerial photogrammetry data could fail because TBC was unable to identify the correctimporter to use.
    •  The Phantom 4 RTK antenna type name was incorrectly assigned to imported DJI P1 and DJI M3E raw receiver data, even though the correct antenna type was used for baseline processing, possibly causing user confusion.
    •  TBC was not able to read the senseFly XMP tag for high-precision GNSS, causing GNSS quality to be set to low. (TBC has been enhanced to read all XMP tag types, including those that are nonconforming.)
    •  Importing DJI M3E data could cause an error to occur in TBC.
    •  Imported data sets that did not include high-precision GNSS or GCPs could result in blurred deliverables.
  •  In some scenarios (e.g., calculating volumes between OG with Topsoil Stripped and FD with Topsoil Absent surfaces), an exception was encountered when running the Earthwork Summary command.
  •  The sort by column function did not work in the Points to Surface command.
  •  The Pile Plan Exporter for DPS/Groundworks exported the incorrect pile plan, e.g., Pile Plan A was selected, but Pile Plan B was exported. 

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