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12-20-2016 15:27

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02-15-2018 14:20

The Trimble Connect Sync desktop app looks promising. How does it deal with files that have multiple revisions inside a Trimble Connect Project / sub-directory structure? I notice that the Sync app always brings the latest revision of any file that is subject to sync. How can we indicate a specific revision of interest?


Thank you.

10-24-2017 17:41

Definitely this new Trimble Connect app and Trimble Connect Sync (beta for MAC OS) leave a lot to be desired in user interface and easy of use.     Very criptic and sparse user interface, no auto connect with Trimble ACCESS,  data collector registration tab,  a very unTrimble app.    Dont get why there should be 2 applications instead of a single one???     Was expecting in this update a lot of integration with Insphere Equipment Manager features.   Hope that the programmers fix all these shortcomings fast.

03-21-2017 10:52

Hello Gregory,


Thanks for posting here on our community.  If you are having issues with the Trimble Connect Sync Tool or any other component of Trimble Connect, please contact us via our support channel at  We'll follow up with you via our support channel on this issue.

03-07-2017 00:07

This is the current version I am running.  Is this correct?




Ystävällisin terveisin

03-07-2017 00:04

Hello Gregory,


Thank you for asking question on our community portal. Please upgrade Trimble Connect Sync Tool with the latest version available on Trimble Connect App Store:

Trimble Connect App Store, if its not already installed. 


To Stay signed in with Trimble Connect Sync Tool, please follow the steps:

  1. Log into the SYNC tool
  2. Click on the user icon located in upper-right corner, and then choose the Stay signed in option from the drop-down menu. (see attached image)


Best regards,


03-06-2017 23:31

Sync scheduling not working because the app will not stay logged in.  I try to do early morning syncing before work and it cannot initiate because the app login has timed out.  I cannot find a setting option to keep the app logged in.

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