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Upload, Download & Synchronize Data 

12-16-2016 15:29

Upload, Download & Synchronize Data

When creating a new project Trimble Connect for Browser provides a quick onboarding experience for users to upload files, create folders, create a new SketchUp model, create map workspace or synchronize the project from a local desktop to the project data tab.

Later on, the files or folders can be added and created using menu commands or automated synchronization.

Learn how to upload data with

Learn how to download data with:

Other ways to add data

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01-10-2018 18:10

It is not available on mobile app but you can upload files and create folders using web and/or desktop app. Thanks.

01-10-2018 11:20

Can you upload files and create folders from the mobile device?

06-22-2017 16:14

Those screenshots were taken from the older version of Trimble Connect mobile application (Android version). Thank you for asking and images have been updated.

06-21-2017 17:01

The drag and drop function is currently available for file level only. We have this enhancement request in our backlog and we will keep you posted once this feature is available on Trimble Connect. Thanks!

06-16-2017 02:24

Screenshots of mobile.... is this android or IOS platform?

And which mobile version is shown in the screenshot?

I'm not familiar with that.

06-16-2017 02:17

In Trimble #connect Web you can only drop files and not folders (yet)?

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