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Mass Haul Question from today

  • 1.  Mass Haul Question from today

    Posted 07-10-2018 20:52

    I got asked an interesting question today that took a while to resolve - thought I would share the Q&A for all out there using Mass Haul in BC-HCE


    The question came in from a customer bidding an 85km highway who were using the Corridor Mass haul tools. They found that they could not enter cost data into any of the Cost Data Fields using the Mass haul Properties, Haul Road properties, Mass Haul Editor and Define Site Materials functions.


    Answer follows

  • 2.  Re: Mass Haul Question from today

    Posted 07-10-2018 20:56

    The answer lay in a change to the project Settings that they had made. They had changed the Unit Settings for Volumes to turn off automatic rounding of the numbers and they had put in a round to nearest 100 m3 of volume. On the face of it this looks OK - however where the cost data is concerned (that is considered a volume based number because it is how much to move 1m3 material over e.g. 1 km. Because they were rounding to nearest 100 then a value of $1.25 or 0.25 or $3.50 was getting rounded down to 0. Unless they had an extreme cost of >$50 they would have always seen 0 as they tabbed out of the field for a cost item.


    This is not obvious so worth capturing it for posterity!


    Happy Modeling