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How Do I Build a Single Corridor with Two PGL Lines?

  • 1.  How Do I Build a Single Corridor with Two PGL Lines?

    Posted 08-02-2018 10:07

    I have a set of plans that shows that the road has one alignment but has two PGL lines for the East and West Bound pavement. How do I build that using a single Corridor - Is that possible?

  • 2.  Re: How Do I Build a Single Corridor with Two PGL Lines?

    Posted 08-02-2018 11:45

    This question was posted by a customer this morning to me by email - it is a common question and here is how you do it


    One alignment can have multiple VALs - or if the PGLs provided are at an offset +- a Slope or Elevation change to the Main Alignment VAL then you can just define them that way (using Offset / Slope or Offset / Elevation instructions from the Main HAL. If you have two VALs I assume they are stationed to the Main Alignment (that is normal)

    The key steps to this are
    1) Create the HAL
    2) Create VAL 1
    3) Create VAL 2 (on the same HAL)
    4) Create your Road / Corridor - you have to use one of the VALs as the Main Alignment - it doesn't matter which - where it asks for Reference Lines, from the Project Explorer Tree, find your Alignment, expand it to show the two VALs and select them both and then add them as reference Lines
    5) In the Template Editor you will now see the Main Hal Point and beneath or above it you will see the second VAL Point. You can then create Nodes / Surface elements from those reference lines - so for example if your East Bound lanes are offset from the HAL by a fixed or variable offset, create your first point for the PGL using an offset or offset table with a zero elevation difference (and dont include it in a surface) and then hang the rest of your East Bound elements off it and make them part of Finished etc.
    6) Then do the same for your West Bound - create the PGL using an Offset or offset table and a zero elev difference and not in a surface layer, and then hang the other West Bound elements off it.
    I have included a short video of how this is done
    Hope that this helps - let me know if you have any issues