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Create Side Slope Command Enhancement

  • 1.  Create Side Slope Command Enhancement

    Posted 11-10-2020 07:16

    I have come to use the Create Side Slope command at lot in my corridor models, especially when I have to deal with intersections and ramps thus turning them into a site model. It would be nice if Create Side Slope maintained the structure of the Master Line i.e. the created parallel lines maintained the the curve data of the original line, and populated the elevation in the vertical tab of the line string. This would aid in maintain consistency and control of the triangle density when using the lines to generate a surface.

    Master Line / Edit Linestring / Horizontal

    Master Line / Edit Linestring / Vertical

    Back of Curb Line Generated by Create Side Slope / Edit Linestring / Horizontal

    Back of Curb Line Generated by Create Side Slope / Edit Linestring / Vertical

  • 2.  Re: Create Side Slope Command Enhancement

    Posted 11-13-2020 16:55

    Hello Scott,

    When it comes to the maintaining data on linestrings created using the sideslope command two issues arise. The sideslope command uses the corridor modeling tools to create linework. This means that the lines created are generated by dropping your sideslope template at regular intervals along the source line. Offset line could potentially hold the same data, but I would say that holding curve data on an offset line would give you incorrect information when the source line is in a curve. The reason that the data is changed is due to the fact that, in your example, the arc that makes up the back of curb has a different length and radius than the arc on the edge of pavement. If you held the curve data on the horizontal, your new line would no longer be parallel to the source line. Vertical changes are due to the fact that the lines are different lengths. 


    Please let me know if I have misunderstood your post or if you have any questions


    Shane Odenbach

  • 3.  Re: Create Side Slope Command Enhancement

    Posted 11-16-2020 07:42

    Shane my original intent was to post this in the Construction section of the TBC forum, which tends to see more action. And there are responses found there as well. Based on your response anytime I create a corridor with a radius in it does not create a correct surface, because the inner and outer arcs would be the same radius and curve length as the alignment. However, when I do create a corridor it does coord the triangles rather than following a curve, the density of the coording is determined in my project settings/computations/corridors or in side slope in the sampling distance. All that being said I appreciate your responce.