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TBC v5.x Reprocessing Features

  • 1.  TBC v5.x Reprocessing Features

    Posted 11-10-2020 20:07

    We have discovered that a number of projects from September (identified so far) have had processed survey features 'reprocessed' unknowingly, and against our wishes, which 'reverted' edited features back reflect the original survey points.


     I can't be sure what version of TBC was used at the time and we are struggling to recreate the scenario with V5.32 (even deliberately) to identify the cause and move to prevent it.


    Previously we addressed this with the 'Project Setting>Feature Code Processing' setting 'Allow editing of processed feature codes and reprocess feature codes during Compute Project', and were making an effort to ensure this was unchecked in all templates. A number of the problem projects have this setting checked, but now the features won't reprocess when we deliberately edit features and Compute Project manually (as opposed to auto during export and/or save).


    Has anyone else experienced similar issues, or is there a known issue/bug?


    We don't want features reprocessing, and are trying to ensure we are configuring TBC and using methods to prevent this, but struggling to control when this does/doesn't occur automatically.



  • 2.  Re: TBC v5.x Reprocessing Features

    Posted 11-11-2020 01:37

    I totally agree with you- if you check this box to be able to reprocess- i just seems to redo some edits if you re compute the project. it makes no sense.

    I would like to use this option IF it didn't re process already edited data. i just always ensure that the " reprocess" box is unticked.


    although reading back you are suggesting that it is doing despite this being unticked


  • 3.  Re: TBC v5.x Reprocessing Features

    Posted 11-12-2020 13:35

    I can't be completely sure, but I suspect it was simply that some of our guys had this option checked when they started new project files.


    Concerned that, in an attempt to recreate the issue (re-checking the Allow edits and reprocess with Compute Project box) the features were not reprocessing. If it's buggy on, then I don't have complete complete faith when it's off.



  • 4.  Re: TBC v5.x Reprocessing Features

    Posted 11-12-2020 07:21

    Have you imported any additional survey after the edits were made? 

    I have had a similar problem when importing job files that contain overlapping data, for example survey day 1 is imported and edited, then reimported with additional data from day 2. TBC will prompt you to preserve edits, but this does not always work as intended. This is really noticeable when all of you point cloud regions end up back in the default region.  

  • 5.  Re: TBC v5.x Reprocessing Features

    Posted 11-12-2020 13:37

    I'll keep that in mind. So far, all our surveys are completed first, which allows us to import all data and process everything once (and hopefully not again).