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TBC 5.30 Vector PDF Cross Sections Issue

  • 1.  TBC 5.30 Vector PDF Cross Sections Issue

    Posted 06-18-2020 09:09
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    Hello All,

        I have a small project that sent us the vectorized PDF Cross Sections. After trying to import the PDF into TBC to use the 'digitize cross-section' tool, the software will not import the vector surface data from the sections. After searching around the community, I didn't see a similar problem with a fix. I had this happen before with no solution, which made me decide to post here. I have no CAD's of the sections and also tried reprinting them through various drivers, including Bluebeam and PDF Report Writer. I have attached the original PDF for reference. I have noticed it will pull in some vector data like the grid lines, for example. If I open the PDF in AutoCAD for example, it does see the vector info.

       Thank you for any assistance in advance, it is much appreciated! 




    Design Cross Sections.pdf   10.28 MB 1 version

  • 2.  Re: TBC 5.30 Vector PDF Cross Sections Issue

    Posted 06-19-2020 06:46

    Update: After importing the sheets into Autocad, then reprinting them, I was able to get vector grips in TBC.

  • 3.  Re: TBC 5.30 Vector PDF Cross Sections Issue

    Posted 06-19-2020 14:47

    I used TBC v5,3 to import the PDF you shared here and it worked first time for me importing the Sheets into Sheet View and use the Convert CAD Sections process etc. If you were having problems with 5.2 I now there was a defect that we fixed in v5.3 on importing Vector PDF Sections - in some cases the subgrades would get lost on import - that was addressed in the 5.3 Version.


    Let me know whether you were using the PDF to SHeet View or the PDF Digitize Sections process so I can check that if needed.