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Firmware  Pro XH

  • 1.  Firmware  Pro XH

    Posted 10-13-2019 05:31

    I'm attempting to update the firmware on our Pro XH  v1.80 to v2.4 after that  i can’t get SBAS signal  

  • 2.  Re: Firmware  Pro XH

    Posted 10-14-2019 09:16

    HI Hamda

    The ProXH/XT are discontinued now and have been since 2013 so there is limited support we can give for legacy products.

    The latest firmware released for these units was v2.07 - GPS Pathfinder Pro Series, GPS Firmware - v2.4 was never released for these units

    v2.07 is available on our Trimbe MGIS Partners site so will only be accessible to our Trimble MGIS resellers.

    You can contact your nearest reseller using the url Where to Buy | Trimble Geospatial  to request this: 


    Depending on your region you may need to update the SBAS.ini file (assuming you are using Terrasync/GPSCorrect/Positions software)


    If you are in the EMEA region you will need to do this to accommodate the PRN changes this year - the details are below


    Download and update the latest SBAS.ini

    1. Close TerraSync
    2. Download the latest SBAS.ini from here
    3. Copy and paste the SBAS.ini to the following folder directory on the GeoExplorer:
      \Program Files\Common Files\Trimble\Config
    4. Overwrite the existing SBAS.ini in this location


    Configure TerraSync for the updates SBAS PRN's in the EMEA region:

    1. Go to the SETUP > Real-time option
    2. Select SBAS > select the spanner option
    3. Select the Custom option
    4. Disable all SV's
    5. Expand EGNOS and Enable Override Health Heed warning for PRN's 123 and 136
    6. Connect to the GNSS receiver
    7. Select Options from the SETUP menu and choose Reset GNSS Receiver
    8. Allow the Geo 10-15 mins to track and lock on to the best SBAS PRN for your region