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Explode Corridor Surface and Breaklines

  • 1.  Explode Corridor Surface and Breaklines

    Posted 06-20-2020 08:06

    Below is a clip of a MSE wall model that I've created with the copy/paste table and Best & BL Across property option in the Create Corridor routine. The model is made up of 3 corridor surfaces. "Bottom of wall" includes the top of the stone leveling pad for the bottom course of block and the bottom layer of the reinforcement grid. "Top of wall block" is the second, and the "face of wall" is the third. The only surface info that makes it to the field for excavation is the bottom of wall surface. The top of wall is used to confirm the alignment is correct. The face of wall is usually not created and was only created for reference (read "showboating") purposes for this example. 

    To retrieve the data for the block layout, it is necessary to explode the bottom of wall surface. When this is done, the lateral breaklines for the top of the wall surface are also included with the exploded elements. Is it possible to exclude the top of the wall lateral breaklines from the exploded elements without having to a)physically delete them after exploding the bottom of wall, or b)deleting the top of the wall corridor instructions prior to exploding the bottom of wall surface?




  • 2.  Re: Explode Corridor Surface and Breaklines

    Posted 06-20-2020 09:45


    Did you set this up as 3 Corridor Models or 3 Material Layers in the same Corridor Model. I assume the latter because if they were in separate models one model could not affect the others at all. If 3 Material Layers it sounds like you may have some elements tagged twice for Material Layer - ie some Wall Top Elements are also in the Wall Base Material Layer - if you do not double Tag them then you should get just what you want


    Go to Properties of the Corridor Surface Model and change the Material Layer that it is showing to the one that you want to explode. This should show you exactly what you are going to get when you explode, and will be the surface that you select to explode and it should only give you elements that are a part of that Material Layer.


    In the Corridor Instructions, you can also if needed create a Material Layer for the surface that you want to create, you can then if needed double tag the elements that make up that layer / surface with this new special layer and then view that new special layer in the View before exploding it. 


    If you dont get it worked out - share the file and I will take a look latest Monday am if not before



  • 3.  Re: Explode Corridor Surface and Breaklines

    Posted 06-20-2020 14:51


    Yes, the 3 surfaces are material surfaces. 


    As to not have the unwanted lines after exploding, and because I'm satisfied that the alignment is correct, I went ahead and deleted the top of wall corridor instructions along with the top of wall material layer (as well as the face of wall instructions and layer). Having done so, when I exploded the bottom of wall material surface, the X'ed lines in the second clip are not produced. So basically, when both material surfaces are present, anywhere a lateral breakline is produced in the top of wall material layer, one is also produced in the bottom of wall material layer, and visa versa. 


    I'll recreate the top and face of wall when I get a chance to share. But for now, I've successfully pushed the data out for use Monday.