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Point Cloud Export Error

  • 1.  Point Cloud Export Error

    Posted 05-15-2019 11:46

    I am encountering an error upon trying to export a point cloud to LAS or RCP format.  Has anyone encountered this?


    Trimble Error

  • 2.  Re: Point Cloud Export Error

    Posted 05-16-2019 09:18


    Can you send the data somehow please - also when you see these exceptions - please click in the Exception and do a CTRL A / CTRL C and email the (CTRL V) exception to me with a link to the data and the steps that you are using as well as the TBC Version you are running



    The exception alone is typically not sufficient for us to solve the issue





  • 3.  Re: Point Cloud Export Error

    Posted 05-23-2019 13:51

    Hi Matt,


    What version of TBC are you using?  Be sure you are on the latest, v5.00.2, if you are working with a previous version.  Beginning in what I believe was v5.00, TBC only needed the valid ReCap license for the RCP export to work.  For versions prior to v5.00, there was a specific installation order needed... ReCap first, then TBC second.  This could potentially be causing this error message.


    If this isn't the case, message back and we'll look into it further. 


    Something to look forward to, the team is working on an export that stablizes the RCP exporter, does not need a copy of ReCap to work, and support ReCap 2020.