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Possible solution for installation/update TBC 5.10

  • 1.  Possible solution for installation/update TBC 5.10

    Posted 06-07-2019 00:42
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    There is the possibility that some issues and errors show up when installing the update to TBC 5.10.

    We had customers that couldn't export svd and svl anymore, it kept showing errors. I read some other issues on the forum as well about similar problems. We provided the customers the "Trimble_Office_Cleanup_Utility_x64_Setup" tool and after running this and re-install TBC 5.10 again everything worked fine.


  • 2.  Re: Possible solution for installation/update TBC 5.10

    Posted 06-07-2019 13:36

    Great - glad to hear Cleanup worked - we recommend this between version installs to clean out the old fully before installing the new. The process should be


    1) De Install using Control Panel - Programs and features - Uninstall TBC

    2) Run the Cleanup Utility to purge all the old installation

    3) Install the new version


    If you want to keep the old version and the New version installed, you can do this by


    1) Cut and Paste the current installation folder from its location in C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Business Center to e.g. a Folder on your Desktop (I use \Trimble Versions\ for this

    2) Find the Exe file in the folder you just moved and pin a shortcut to your Desktop, Startbar or taskbar etc.

    3) Run Control Panel to de-install TBC (even though you moved it)

    4) Run Cleanup (this wont find the moved folder so it will be left intact

    5) Install the new version - this will be the main application that Windows will find if you search for it, but you can still run the old version if you need to.  


    I typically have several versions installed so I can go back to old versions when needed etc.


    Hope this helps