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Exporting DXF - TBC 5.0 Bug

  • 1.  Exporting DXF - TBC 5.0 Bug

    Posted 01-04-2019 12:00
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    I have run several tests and I believe there is a bug with the dxf export option in TBC 5.0.  The dxf file that is created is much larger than it should be.  I'm using the dxf_2000 option, but "dxf_2018" option blows up the file size too.

    I have attached examples.  

    DWG file is the base... I imported this into BC 4.12 - exported a dxf 2000 file - got a file size of 396 kb.

             I imported this dwg into TBC 5.0 - export a dxf 2000 file - got a file size of 2,803 kb

    Note: the file exported from TBC 5.0 cannot be imported into Terramodel, but the 4.12 export can.

    Attached is the DWG file as well as the dxf files that were created from both versions.

    Thank you.


    dxf export test   619 KB 1 version

  • 2.  Re: Exporting DXF - TBC 5.0 Bug

    Posted 01-04-2019 12:29


    This is a known issue and is being looked at - they added some Civil3D stuff into the Exporter and that burdens every DXF file created now making them much larger than they used to be in HCE 4.12. What is unclear to me is whether the increase in size is a fixed increase in size no matter what is being exported or whether ythe increase in size is proportional to the size of the data being exported. No matter which - it is a known issue and was being looked at - I am not sure if it is fixed or not at this stage of the Patch Release that is currently in Beta



  • 3.  Re: Exporting DXF - TBC 5.0 Bug

    Posted 01-04-2019 13:06

    Thank you.

  • 4.  Re: Exporting DXF - TBC 5.0 Bug

    Posted 01-09-2019 13:18

    @Alan Sharp, you mentioned being in Beta....which reminds me I believe I've heard tell of a Beta test group that regular folks like myself can be in.  Is that something I would be able to get into?

  • 5.  Re: Exporting DXF - TBC 5.0 Bug

    Posted 01-09-2019 17:12


    Tim McClannahan manages the TBC for Construction Beta Program. Please reach out to him directly at and he can send you the necessary Beta Tester Agreement that you have to sign on behalf of your company in order to become a part of the Beta Program. 


    Please note that Beta Testing provides you with the ability to test and validate new features and functions before release and to provide feedback that hopefully helps us to refine the solution and make it more robust by the time it releases. The functionality in Beta Software is more likely to crash and create erroneous results than released software and you should only use it in Testing and not for production work. You should also note that being a Beta Tester brings no obligation from Trimble to give you any special concessions with regard to pricing or free software etc. once the product releases. Being a Beta Tester requires that you agree to confidentiality about unreleased features and functions until the product is actually released.


    Provided that you and your company understands and agrees to the conditions associated with the Beta Program, I will for sure support your application to become a Beta Tester should you decide to proceed


    Thanks for the support Wayne - your input is invaluable



  • 6.  Re: Exporting DXF - TBC 5.0 Bug

    Posted 01-08-2019 09:49

    It should also be noted that the .dxf file created by "Field Data -> Create Design", which is also bloated, will not open in C3D2019, (for me anyway). I suspect/hope that the fix for the blot issue will fix this as well. However also note, the .dxf file created by "Export -> DXF exporter" will open with C3D2019 but remains bloated.


    So in order to maintain the functionality of the Design Manager, and to also have the ability to open the .dxf for further review, I have to re-export the file with the "DXF Exporter" over writing the file created by the Design Manager. 


    I hope this tidbit further helps with fleshing out the problem.

  • 7.  Re: Exporting DXF - TBC 5.0 Bug

    Posted 02-11-2019 09:05

    Has there been any resolution to this DXF export size issue?


    Are there any viable workarounds?  This is causing issues with getting files out into the field. 

  • 8.  Re: Exporting DXF - TBC 5.0 Bug

    Posted 02-11-2019 14:34

    The current patch (v5.00.1) fixed if for me.

  • 9.  Re: Exporting DXF - TBC 5.0 Bug

    Posted 02-11-2019 14:35

    They released a patch 5.00.1 that seems to have resolved the issue for me.  If you run the check for updates command the patch should show up in there for you to download and install.