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Can not see PDF plan sheet after its been geo referenced

  • 1.  Can not see PDF plan sheet after its been geo referenced

    Posted 09-18-2020 08:00

    I am having a difficulty seeing a PDF plan sheet after placing it in my project. I have checked properties of the file to ensure the visibility is on and that it is not transparent. I am not sure what else to check. I have included a screen shot of the issue. The green box is the plan sheet. It is there and in the project but I cannot physically see it. 

  • 2.  Re: Can not see PDF plan sheet after its been geo referenced

    Posted 09-19-2020 09:37

    we have seen this happening when people are using tools like Dropbox or Box or Google Drive or One Drive and have the active synching going on in background. Those systems when they grab a file to sync from your hard drive lock the file in some way while they sync and that triggers this issue in TBC. If you turn off the synching while working on TBC this problem should go away.


    When TBC imports images or pdf pages or point clouds, the data is not actually stored in the VCE file, it is stored in the project folder and referenced into the project. If you start a new project you can also try saving the project prior to importing these types of files so that the project folder is already created, and then import the PDF pages and reference them, that way they have a "home folder" where they can be located and that may also mitigate the issue you are seeing. If that fails then try turning off sync to the file system you are using and see if that fixes the issue.


    If not let me know and we can take a look in a GOTO Meeting this week


    If the images don't show up, try Support, Options, Images and set to No Tiling and see if they show up then


    You can try resetting to Tiled images once they become visible


    Let me know if this helps - if not call me on +1 720 323 0481