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Request for improved field software. Survey Pro

  • 1.  Request for improved field software. Survey Pro

    Posted 03-23-2020 17:50

    Perhaps this is in the wrong group, I hope it will get directed to the correct location. I would like to see the live video feed when using Survey Pro field software and a total station like an S7(vision). This tool is invaluable when shooting near reflective road signs or the backsight.

    Also, could the software please give a warning when you lock onto the backsight in error. The software knows where the backsight is, so why does it let you shoot the backsight as a foresight with no warning. The prompt for warning of duplicate shots can help in a topo, but more than once I have shot a one off repetition on a legal monument only to find out in the office that it was locked on the backsight. 


  • 2.  RE: Request for improved field software. Survey Pro

    Posted 03-22-2021 16:13
    I have been getting an error running Survey Pro 6.6.4 with S6 total station. When bringing into TBC sometimes there is a glitch and a distance shows up for the backsight on a repetition shot even though no distance was meant to be shot. It is a distance similar to the last foresight shot, but not exactly the same. This is a really bad glitch because there is no way to remove the distance, the only way to deal with the shot is to disable that portion of the repetition and you are left with only half of the observation. I am extremely annoyed with TBC and Survey Pro for putting out versions of the software that do not operate correctly. We pay a substantial amount on maintenance and updates for our software and I do not think that it is right that we end up being the testers for this software. I have been running TBC for some years and Survey Pro for longer, and even though we keep paying for updates, nothing gets any better. In fact I would say that the older versions of Survey Pro were smoother functioning and had less problems. If a company like Trimble is going to buy out a smaller company like Survey Pro I don't think that it is right that they run it into the ground. Use your resources to make the product better and learn from the two platforms to make the best product possible. 
    For now, I am stuck digging through all the data to eliminate these shots, and will likely have to do more field work to clean up the missing data. I would much rather see no updates and no charge than bad updates or ones that move backwards. 
    Here is a screen shot of some of the errors. I also see that TBC is putting the H angle at 0 for F1 and F2 for the backsight which does not make sense. 

    ian bissonnette

  • 3.  RE: Request for improved field software. Survey Pro

    Posted 03-22-2021 17:04
    I have had another recurring error. Every once in a while when exporting a CSV out of TBC it will create a whole bunch of duplicate points. They seem to be from another project or something odd. I shut down TBC, reopen it and reexport the same CSV the same way and they are gone. Very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a waist of my time and confidence in the software!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ian bissonnette