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TBC import error

  • 1.  TBC import error

    Posted 08-11-2019 20:11
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    I have a customer who has been receiving this error message when importing survey data into TBC, he is running the free version of TBC (V3.4). He says he only sometimes receives this error message and in turn has to manually import point by point instead. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I know this error doesn't occur when using TBC 5.0.  

  • 2.  Re: TBC import error

    Posted 08-13-2019 08:21

    I remember that error for the V3 days, there were two possible causes (if memory serves me right).

    1) When importing the survey data its likely a version issue they are seeing:

       -   If they are using DC files have them delete their (23.0 or similar file) from their TBC App Data folder. A new folder will populate there when restarting TBC.


    2) The version of excel they are using (especially if its Office 365) is not being handled properly

       -   Have them save the points file as a MsDos .CSV file type and import that.