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Utility Module - Feature Request and Comments

  • 1.  Utility Module - Feature Request and Comments

    Posted 10-22-2018 03:56

    I want to first start of with thanking the BC team for the addition of the utility module. This is something I have been asking for and I appreciate the addition and the smoothness of how it works. Well done.


    I have some recommendations and comments:


    1. Are they plans in future to add depths or heights of frame and grates to structures in the utility module?
      1. If I want to truly model my utility structures, this is a necessary component because it can affect things. My top of structure is not at finish grade nor a set distant below finish grade, I have seen this vary from job to job and even on jobs. 
      2. If I use the rim elevation as my true rim elevation given on the plans, my vertical footage will be off on my structure takeoffs because it will add that difference that should be a frame and grate, only a foot to two potentially but will yeild different results none the less.  
      3. Reason: 

        The reason I am interested in having an offset for the FG and cover is for clash inspection. I worked on a project right now where there are pipes coming out of the groups and invert a couple of inches below FG. Sloppy stuff that I am trying to address before it hits the field. 

        If you cannot model the frame and grate currently, one suggestion would be to add an vertical offset option (defaulted to zero) that would calc to the top of structure from rim elevation. Users could leave it at zero if they don't care or keep  a predefined offset if it fits their needs. See the attached


        **Disregard the fact the type is a headwall, this should be for a catch basin of dmh. 



    2. Some of the nomenclature is different than industry standard. 
      1. Utility Module/Utility Node/ Rim Elevation in BC represents the top of the structure. Industry terminology, rim elevation is the elevation of the frame and grate. I would recommend changing this to top of structure. The point that is generated and used in SCS900 and Siteworks shows up as [Rim] this is not correct and could lead to issues in the field.
      2. Utility Module/Utility Node/Invert elevation: in BC invert elevation represents the bottom of the structure. Industry standard is that invert elevation is the bottom of the pipes. I would recommend changing this to sump elevation.  
        1. Examples:
    3. The create utility line by converting lines needs an option for the the user to define if the line is; centerline, invert, crown, bell. This would be useful for as-built data



    4. Alignment Cross Section show pipes runs
      1. When you select an alignment, right click, and select new cross section view, have options to show pipe runs that would be in these sections




    5.   Auto Advance Functions

    1. Both the create utility node and create utility pipe can benefit from adding the auto advance button to certain fields. See the videos below.



    Thank you!!

  • 2.  Re: Utility Module - Feature Request and Comments

    Posted 01-27-2019 10:59

    @Tim McClannahan  and @Alan Sharp I am kind of surprise this one has flown under the radar and has not gotten more feedback.

  • 3.  Re: Utility Module - Feature Request and Comments

    Posted 01-27-2019 11:35


    No radar flown under here - you caught me in a really busy week and I simply don't have time to keep up with all your requests - appreciate all the input and for sure keep it coming but where you are asking for improvements we for sure cannot keep up with your request list and I cannot find the time to research everything you throw at me






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  • 4.  Re: Utility Module - Feature Request and Comments

    Posted 01-27-2019 12:03



    Very understandable. I do appreciate the quick responses on issues. I just wanted to make sure this topic got addressed especially with the utility module being a relatively new addition to TBC and the initial post was right around the time of dimensions and TBC 5.0, so I know the TBC team probably had their hands full. 


    I am fortunate enough to be in our slower season right now, even though I am working on a Sunday (its quiet at home). I was going through some older posts, especially the ones that I think will help speed up workflow during the busy season. More of an inquiry on where it may stand on the product map.


    You will probably see more posts than normal from me. It is not to be an intentional pain. Consider it winter preventive maintenance on issues I have run into and workflows that I am trying to work on for next season. I am finely getting opportunities to sit down and articulate some issues with backup, reasons and hopefully helpful suggestions how how to address or why they are hangups to the user. 


    Hopefully the TBC team and other users find it helpful. I know I have appreciated all the work from the TBC team! It has and continues to make my live easier and work more enjoyable. 

  • 5.  Re: Utility Module - Feature Request and Comments

    Posted 04-14-2020 04:45