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Array for striping

  • 1.  Array for striping

    Posted 05-22-2019 05:08

    I know there is not an array function in TBC, but is there another quick way of doing something similar? I am working on a concept for a parking lot and cannot think of a quick, semi-automatic way of doing this and do not want to invest too much time because the configurations could change quickly and dramatically.


    My idea at the moment is to use the Create CAD points at interval, offset the ep to the back of the stalls and then use the create linestring with perpendicular snap on. 


    Any other tricks?


    May something within the create side slopes with a perpendicular component? If not #enhancementrequest. I can think of some value in having this capability within the create side slope tool. 




  • 2.  Re: Array for striping

    Posted 05-22-2019 14:00
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    I would use the combination of the Sideslope command along with the XLINES method (that I have shown on the forum) in combination with Excel which would work as follows (create a spreadsheet in Excel that allows you to enter eg Start Station, End Station, Interval and Length of Stall Line and Left or Right Side (left Side multiply Offset by -1). Have Excel compute you a set of Station / Offset values for the stall locations along the main line and for the Offset Locations for the end of the Stall Lines. 


    Pick Your Master Line - to which you want the Parking Lot Lines and from which you interpreted the Start and End Stations etc, above.


    Now create an Offset / Elevation Instruction off your Main Line and use Station / Offset (0) Table (copied from Excel)) and Elevation 0 for Instruction 1 - then repeat for instruction 2 using the Station and Offset Table (again from Excel) (the length of the stall lines) and elevation delta 0.


    Set your corridor Sample Interval way longer than the Master Line so you dont create any lines other than the two ends and any Node Points along the line (which you probably dont want but will get anyway with this workflow.


    That will create you a Corridor with a surface where there are section drops at all your Stall Locations. 


    Now Make sure that your Sideslope has the Property for Tolerance set to Best and BL Across 


    You will get Sideslope lines along the Front and Back of the stalls and along every stall line


    If you want to maintain Parametric Linkage then dont explode the sideslope - if you want to delete unnecessary lines - either set your Rebuild method to by user to lock in the sideslope or Explode it to get the lines. Remember that the Sideslope Lines will get recomputed at each Rebuild (at least currently they are all new lines not updated lines after each rebuild)


    You can delete any line at Node points that you don't want.


    Once you have this configured - you can copy and Paste from a master project.


    I am working with Rockpile Solutions (Peter Kistler) to build out a range of Array Tools - this would be one of those tools (rectangular, Station / Offset, Radial Arrays).


    Hope that this helps


    Here is my Parking Stall Calculator if you want it (it doesnt create the first line at 0 station - should it?)







  • 3.  Re: Array for striping

    Posted 05-22-2019 14:34

    I’ll check this out! Thanks for the response.


    I think corridor and side slope needs a repeat at interval function, perhaps within the conditional statement section. This could be used for striping as well.


    I am doing some heavy brainstorming right now.


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  • 4.  Re: Array for striping

    Posted 05-22-2019 14:38

    The array tools that Peter is working on are awesome - the Radial one works

    great so far - once he has a critical mass of tools we will announce them





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  • 5.  Re: Array for striping

    Posted 05-31-2019 13:05

    Skipping the line at 0 depends. If your parking is against curb than you would not need a striping line but if it is an island is in the middle of parking lot you would. Maybe add an option to you calculator for a yes or no to a starting stripe. 


    It has been a little while since I have done some excel coding. Looking forward to getting back into it. It is a wonderful tool. 


    Something I created that could now be done with the  side slope tool.