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Feature Request - Utilities - Network Schedules

  • 1.  Feature Request - Utilities - Network Schedules

    Posted 07-13-2020 04:53

    Please considering adding the ability to create network schedules for utilities. This would make presenting this type of data a lot easier. 



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    • Project Management
    • As-Builts and Redlines



  • 2.  Re: Feature Request - Utilities - Network Schedules

    Posted 07-16-2020 05:14

    I have noted the request Pat



  • 3.  Re: Feature Request - Utilities - Network Schedules

    Posted 07-16-2020 05:19

    The Pipe Inverts - where do you need those reporting - at the center of structure or where they enter the structure. I think we can report it as they are created - and that can be Invert at structure or center or at the offset to center of structure.


    We will look at it Pat.


    Presume you want these reported by Network and by Run in a nicely laid out manner



  • 4.  Re: Feature Request - Utilities - Network Schedules

    Posted 07-16-2020 06:05

    I think at where the pipe enters the structure would be more common practice; pipe crews and manufactures need this. 



    Please. The above is shown by network and structure which is pretty industry standard as far as I have seen. If the report could be dynamic (option of auto, blank, by user) that would be a plus


    Things to display:

    • Name of structure/node
    • Description of node,
      • perhaps and option to toggle on and off
    • Station/offset
      • option if alignment is referenced
    • Rim of node
    • Invert of pipe
      • Option to show what run the invert is associated to 
    • Sump of node
      • Option to show 
      • TBC calls this invert but for manholes should really be called sump as this is pretty standard (pet peeve of mine). This can be confusing when sending to the field as they may thing this is the exiting pipe invert, which it is not. Even calling this base would be better, although this could be confused with the bottom of structure.
      • Sump Examples
        • Drainage manholes typically ~ .5 ft below invert out of the exiting pipe.
        • Catch Basins typically 3 ft below invert of exiting pipe. 
        • Sewer Manholes typically  ~ .5 ft below invert




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