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.spj File Data Access

  • 1.  .spj File Data Access

    Posted 05-12-2020 07:54

    Regarding the .spj files in the Work Order folders on TCC,


    Is there a way that once the .spj file is refreshed after a controller sync, that the record.txt file can be automatically generated and placed in the TCC folder?


    The only way I see this happening now is by syncing locally using Office Sychronizer and then using SCS900 Data Manger to click on the results folder of the work order.  Only then does the record.txt file update.


    I'm trying to figure out how not to use the Excel "SCS900 report utility" template, that is way too slow and crashes frequently to the point of being useless.


    There's a lot more customization that I can do using PowerBI, but I need to connect to the data on TCC automatically.


  • 2.  Re: .spj File Data Access

    Posted 05-12-2020 08:59

    I believe that you can write out the Report.TXT file on the device or via Data Manager. I have forwarded your message to the SPS team and the programmer on the Excel Report Utility for comment Matt



  • 3.  Re: .spj File Data Access

    Posted 05-12-2020 10:11

    The Record.txt can be manually created in Siteworks prior to the Sync.  Menu > Data Management > Export Measured Data and select Record.txt which will be created in the Work Order's Output folder.  Then it will be sync'd up to TCC on the next Siteworks sync for use in the RU or whatever scripts you have written. 

    If you're in the office without a data collector you can also use the Siteworks emulator to produce a Record.txt from a WorkOrder. But there is currently no automatic way to produce an updated Record.txt for a Work Order that gets modified. 

    SCS Data Manager would probably be the easiest to use to get an updated Record.txt produced after a Work Order's SPJ file gets modified and it's sync'd down to your PC though.  

    Regarding RU crashes, you should always be using the latest version of the RU and ensure that it matches the version of Siteworks you're using. The latest RU can be found HERE.  Installing the latest version of TBC 5.30 will also update your PC to the latest versions of the RU and SCS Data Manager.  

    If you continually have crashes with the RU, I would encourage you to work with your Sitech to submit a support case so that it can be sent through the proper support channels.  If you go that route, please include the project data and the RU you're using, along with a description of what you are doing to cause the crash.