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Office Sync with Tablet

  • 1.  Office Sync with Tablet

    Posted 08-21-2018 14:46

    What is the procedure for setting up office sync to work with TSC7 or Site Tablet 10 since those devices don't work with Windows Mobile Device Center?

  • 2.  Re: Office Sync with Tablet

    Posted 08-27-2018 14:46

    Hi Delton,


    Because the new collectors are full Win10 machines there is no way to simply connect them via USB cable to a PC and get Office sync to run automatically.  


    If you are wanting to use a USB stick workflow with office Sync to take a USB stick between the collector and your PC first take an empty USB stick and copy the Trimble Synchronizer Data (TSD) folder from the collector onto the USB stick.  Then install Office Sync onto the controller.  Or if you have multiple controllers on your PC in the TSD folder, copy that onto the stick and then you would have access to all the controllers.   


    Once you run Office Sync on either the PC or the controller it will automatically recognize the USB stick and you can select what device you want to sync with and use Office sync as normal. 


    Note that I personally recommend to change the name of the controller in the TSD folder to something other than  "PC" so that you can identify it. The default is "PC", and this appears when running Siteworks or SCS900 for the first time on the screen asking for a path to the TSD folder.  To rename a controller just delete (after backing it up!) the AllSites.xml file, and that will allow you to rename the device from PC to something more unique by changing PC to a better device name in that path selection window.  


    As another alternative to using Office sync, there are 3rd party USB cables that will allow you to connect two computers so that a windows explorer window can be used to manually copy files between devices.  

  • 3.  Re: Office Sync with Tablet

    Posted 06-30-2020 11:39

    Thanks, this worked beautifully and simply. 

    I can now synch a USB stick with the TSC7 (this makes the USB stick look like the TSC7 from the PC's Perspective)

    Then Synch the USB to the PC, This gives the PC all the field updates and and loads new content onto the USB to send to the TSC7.

    Then synch again with the USB/TSC7 and done.


    By copying the data onto the usb stick then synching to the pc, the Trimble Business Center makes the device available to be assigned to Job sites/designs.


    I will point out one trick i discovered. If you already have an SCS900 type controller that you have assigned to all your job sights and designs that you want this one to be associated with, you can copy and past the design files from the Trimble Synchronizer Data folder of that specific SCS900 device to the synchronizer folder of the TSC7 (or other device) and after synching that device will be assigned to all the same Job designs instead of manually going in and assigning it to every design one by one. 


    I figured out that trick after getting a rental TSC3 to and needed it to have all the same information as the TSC3 that needed repairs. It effectively cloned all the information. Business as usual.