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How can I transfer a Trimble Access "ground coordinate" based calibration to Siteworks and GCS900?

  • 1.  How can I transfer a Trimble Access "ground coordinate" based calibration to Siteworks and GCS900?

    Posted 04-08-2020 19:22
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    I have a project where the local DOT has asked that we utilize a single "shared" base station. I have set up our SPS855 base station using a known point coordinate that they had given me, as well as using their external TDL 450 radio, so that they can receive corrections, as well as us on 900Mhz. The base station was configured using Trimble Access on my collector, and all parameters that the DOT had in Access for their "ground coordinate based calibration" were mirrored on my TSC7.

       After configuring the base and connecting to my rover, I proceeded to check into some control points, all of them checked out fine while using Access on my controller with my SPS986, but I needed to get this to work with Siteworks and GCS900 as well. My logic was to export the Access "Job" file into TBC in order to utilize the site parameters that were used in Access, and then to create a Siteworks project and designs using those settings. Once I did that and transferred the project, calibration, control points, and designs to my collector for Siteworks, I proceeded to check into the control points that we were given, only to find that I was nearly 800' off horizontally in Siteworks. After this, I attempted to calibrate the site in which was also in vain, as all the residuals were between 3' to 12' horizontally and vertically after shooting 7 points. I'm assuming this was because the base was set up at a "known" location, which of course can't be changed as it will affect the DOT's positioning. 

       Has anyone had any luck with this in the past? I've been able to do this in other jurisdictions that use published coordinate systems with current reference frames and grid coordinates, but this ground scale factor calibration just isn't working for me in Siteworks.  The screenshot of the site settings used in Trimble Access is attached for reference.