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TBC 5.10 Corridor feature - 'Target Material Layer'

  • 1.  TBC 5.10 Corridor feature - 'Target Material Layer'

    Posted 09-19-2019 15:06
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    Im working through some of the TBC tutorials regarding corridors and have completed the main 'working with corridors' tutorial shipped with the TBC help menu. 

    With the release of TBC 5.10 I see that @Alan Sharp Power User Group 2.0 Training Materials there is now the ability to sides slope to a material layer, which is fantastic for terminating a Subgrade surface to a Finish surface template layer. Im having trouble with TBC creating the inverse slope of the sideslope while terminating to the Finish surface (see below), it appears to be using the inverse slope of the 'node to node' option in the cut slope options. If i change the instruction type to 'offset/slope' and use the same 'node to node' option with the same node number, the resulting slope is correct. 


    Side Slope option with inverse slope from node 9, derived by slope of 8 to 9


    Offset/Slope option with correct slope from node 9, derived by slope of 8 to 9



    Has anyone else had this problem?






  • 2.  Re: TBC 5.10 Corridor feature - 'Target Material Layer'

    Posted 09-19-2019 16:20

    Hi Rowan,

    You need to set your "Honour sign of tie slope" setting in your project settings from no to yes.


    I'm not entirely sure the purpose of this setting but it will fix your issue. Maybe someone from Trimble can advise its use case?




  • 3.  Re: TBC 5.10 Corridor feature - 'Target Material Layer'

    Posted 09-19-2019 16:25

    Hi Kieran,


    Thanks for the reply. Yep thats solved it. I have seen that setting mentioned before, but im not sure why it wasnt set to yes. It seems like a pointless setting to have set to no, but it must be used elsewhere within TBC.





  • 4.  Re: TBC 5.10 Corridor feature - 'Target Material Layer'

    Posted 09-19-2019 22:41

    Make sure in 5.1 that you change the project setting for computation / Corridors “honor sign of tie Slope to Yes and then enter Fill slopes as -1:1 and cut slopes as 1:1 and then when you track a pavement slope in a sideslope this will work




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  • 5.  Re: TBC 5.10 Corridor feature - 'Target Material Layer'

    Posted 09-21-2019 15:29

    If the Slope is to the right or left of Centerline this makes a difference for the sign - on right negative Slope is down and to right (which is the same as up to the Left on the left side of the alignment. On the Left the reverse is true - so when you pick your nodes you have to be aware of the order of the nodes you pick to drive the Slope in the right direction - I agree this is a little confusing as a user and we could improve this


    When you pick node 1 to Node 2 you are defining a Slope direction and if the points selected are on the right or left side that will influence the outcome


    If your Slope is towards the Centerline then you often have to have a small instruction of -1mm Offset and 0mm elevation delta just prior to the instruction you need to drive the direction towards the alignment and then create your instruction






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  • 6.  Re: TBC 5.10 Corridor feature - 'Target Material Layer'

    Posted 09-23-2019 11:19


    Before the changes made recently it was always an option to Set this to Yes and it was put in the software to solve a rare occurrence of Negative Cut Slopes (Yes Downward Cut Slopes do happen) or Positive Fill Slopes (upward Fills also happen) but they were not the norm.


    Changing it by default is easy - just reset your Project Settings in your default projects if you want this for the future. If you change this setting mid project, be aware that all Cut / Fill Slopes need to be edited so that Fill slopes are entered as -1:1 not 1:1 as previously - this can be a pain to do (all instructions or tables that use a Cut or Fill Slope have to be edited manually as we don't change them automatically for you).


    Now that we have the ability to use this feature in Subgrades, and because Subgrades can be Positive or Negative Cross slope (because they match pavement) but because the subgrade instructions are always entered as a Cut Slope (because they are below Finished grade), we now have to have this setting applied. Not everyone used Side Slopes to create Subgrades, nor does everyone know that this changed / became possible, so for now we decided to leave the default setting behavior as it was - in the training sessions that I do I tell everyone to reset this now and start to use Negative Fill Slopes and explain why, however this takes time to filter down to all users etc.


    Hope that this explain the background reasoning - I agree that in a perfect world this would now be the default behavior (and I am sure we will get there)