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TBC .JXL Export does not include lineobjects

  • 1.  TBC .JXL Export does not include lineobjects

    Posted 10-20-2021 02:05

    I am at a loss with this one. I am trying to export curb&gutter lines, collected from SX10 data with TBC automatic function, to an .JXL file to be imported into Trimble Locus geographical information system. However, when I open the exported JXL with Notepad, it is only 9kb in size, and it includes only the project definition info (coord. system. etc.), no lines whatsoever about the lineobjects that should be there. The export-function in TBC did show all 93 lines as selected.

    What am I missing here? We have used the JXL before to Import tree location & feature data into Locus' registry&map, direct from Access field software or TBC. This is the first time for linework, but they should go into the export file, even if our code correspondence table in Locus could be defect to import them, should they not?

    Ville Ronkanen

  • 2.  RE: TBC .JXL Export does not include lineobjects

    Posted 10-20-2021 05:41

    Hey Ville, 

    Is if possible to import a dxf into Locus or any CAD format?

    I'm unfamiliar with Locus, however don't think the JXL will support line work, only points and coordinates system info. 

    This might be something you would want to send to your local Trimble Dealer. If they are unsure of the proper workflow they could put in a support case to Trimble to get over to the appropriate person. 


    Shane Lyons

    Shane Lyons