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Cursor Hover Behavior?

  • 1.  Cursor Hover Behavior?

    Posted 06-24-2022 11:37
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    In previous versions of TBC when I hovered the cursor over an object after a slight delay it would list the objects "under" the cursor showing object type, name, layer etc. Surfaces would also be identified by name.

    This function seems to be inconsistent in Ver 5.7. Sometimes it shows the 'detailed' information but now, more often, it just shows 'basic' information like "Linestring", 3D Polyline", or "Surface".

    I have a attached a screen grab showing what I mean.

    I have always used this feature as a way to identify objects (particularly 'stacked' objects) without using the Properties. It was a quick way to see what was 'under' the cursor.

    Has this changed for Ver 5.7 and why is it so inconsistent? It's annoying.

    Can someone please confirm this for me in case it's my installation of 5.7?

    Thank you.

    Marshall Cant

  • 2.  RE: Cursor Hover Behavior?

    Posted 06-25-2022 05:20
    Well...I've logged a ridiculous number of hours on TBC in the last 3 years. I never knew it did that lol. I'm sure it's popped up before when I walked away from my computer on an object but I have never used that feature. Sorry, I'm not able to help though.

    Adam Bower