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TBC Taking Forever to Open

  • 1.  TBC Taking Forever to Open

    Posted 03-30-2023 15:19

    Anyone have any idea why TBC can take so long to open up? Sometimes it takes forever even on  small job. I don't remember it always being this bad. I feel like it keeps getting worse. I have too many projects in my Trimble Synchronizer Data folder, I wonder if that could affect startup, I can't figure it out.

    Adam Bower

  • 2.  RE: TBC Taking Forever to Open

    Posted 03-31-2023 07:36

    Yes, mine loads slowly as well. It started after updating to the newest version. I don't have a lot of projects. It may just be all of the added functionality that's changed in the last year or so.

    Edward Stannard

  • 3.  RE: TBC Taking Forever to Open

    Posted 05-23-2023 12:43

    I noticed this too recently on top of overall sluggishness with pretty much every part of TBC. Even selecting linework and opening commands takes entirely too long. Importing pdfs takes WAY too long, importing more than a couple is a major chore with how long it can take. 

    I tried using the cleanup utility a few weeks ago to see if a fresh install would help at all but I didn't notice any improvement. I would roll back to a previous version if that will speed things up, I may try that when I have the time.   

    Matthew Judice