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TBC Traverse Adjustment Feature

  • 1.  TBC Traverse Adjustment Feature

    Posted 12-04-2023 09:32

    Hi all,

    I'm relatively new to TBC and have mostly taught myself how to use the software through tutorials, forum posts and YouTube videos. There have been many improvements to our workflow and data processing through TBC, but I'm still looking to learn more and contextualize the other content using my own data. 

    Recently I was out on a small project that did not require a loop but I've been aiming to get data to use in the office to play around with in TBC and work through some of these features such as network adjusting and traverse adjusting. I had extra time, so I ran a loop, and the loop was ran tight enough that an adjustment is probably not necessary. However, I mostly wanted to use this as a learning experience in running these processes.

    In other projects, I have had mixed success with the traverse adjustment feature. Usually it involves merging some points, but sometimes I can identify the loop and have it fully close. However, many times it struggles to identify the last leg of the loop despite there being a shot and a check shot on the point of the first setup. I don't know what the difference is sometime, but I've been inconsistently able to make it work. With this project, no matter what I try doing and how I merge points, the last leg of the loop can never be identified and will never close. This project is not contingent on the loop being completed, but I would like to figure out how exactly to fix the issue so that when we do need to run it, it will be an available tool.

    I have a dropbox link attached with the files exported from my data collector below. If anyone has any insights, they'd be greatly appreciated.




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