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Sean Lahann posted 10-26-2023 11:16

My question, does the "Baseline Processor" setting in TBC incorporate the "Default Standard Error" settings when GNSS data is imported? 

When using a conventional instrument (total-station) in Access a user can setup the centering errors, but not the height errors. When using GNSS in Access there is no option for centering or height errors. 

In TBC, (Project Settings>Default Standard Errors) there are different options for Total-Station and GNSS. The total-station section allows for using the instrument imported files for standard errors or project settings, and the height errors are frozen to project settings. Essentially, you can account for centering and height errors using the combination of both software. 

GNSS on the other hand is a bit different. In Access you have no options for accounting for centering and height errors. In TBC you have only the option to import the "Baseline Processor" or project settings. The Baseline Processing section does not have an option to account for these errors, and it is implied that if you select the "Baseline Processor" in the Default Standard Error" settings that the GNSS project settings will not be included; however, the GNSS project settings is the only place between Access and TBC that centering, and height errors can be inputted.