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 Incorrect Quantity shown in Earthworks Summary Report

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Steven Todd posted 06-20-2024 06:10

I was running a report on one of our projects, and I’ve noticed a clear error in one section of the report regarding the “Amenity Grass” area that can be seen at the south side of the model.

Calculating the quantity of this manually, it does not tie in with what TBC is reporting.

To break this down, I calculated the volume in this section alone by comparing the “250mm Strip” surface with the proposed surface, from this I get a cut value of 2,770.8 m³.

There is a 150mm makeup in this grass area, so it’s correct to assume that from proposed to formation level it is,  Area (3817.9m2) * 0.150 = 572.685 m³.

Adding these two values together 2,770.8 + 572.685 = 3,343.485 m³

However, when I run the report in TBC (250mm strip to Formation) the report reads 3,953.8 m³, which is a difference of 610.315 m³.

I’ve done checks on all surfaces, and MSI, as well as taking a measurement depth to ensure that the formation depth is 150mm in this area and it all ties in.

Can someone give me an idea to what I am doing wrong here?

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Ronny Schneider

Are you sure that those areas all overlap each other?

And the layer thickness is definitely the same all over the place?

Would you be able to share the TTM's here?