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 Trimble Connect - project archiving

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Karol Szczotka posted 08-10-2022 02:57
Since 3 years we have been looking for possibilities to archive the projects with all information’s from TS. Is there any option to archive complete meta data of project ? With all views, notes, to-dos etc?
Something similar to .tbp file from old TeklaBimsight? I wrote similar post in 2019 and since this time - nothing changed, I can't find any good possibility to archive my projects. By 4 years, we have done more then 200 project and we can't archive any of them. It's ridiculous.

There are two posts with the same problem:
Trimble Connect User Forum
Trimble Connect User Forum
but as I see, noone from Trimble care about this issue.

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Darshan Rajaram Kamat
Hi Karol,
Feedback on the importance of the initiative is duly noted.  But Trimble Connect had other priorities over this duration that took precedence  . Hence we couldn't take this up. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Darshan Kamat