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Inviting Users to a Project 

12-19-2016 11:33

Invite Users to Projects

You can invite users in all the Trimble Connect applications.

How Inviting Works

Inviting Users Who Have a Trimble Account

If the invited user already has a Trimble Account, they will receive an email with the project link and will automatically be added to the project.

Inviting Users Who Don't Have a Trimble Account

If the invited user does not have a Trimble Account, they will receive an email instructing them to create a new account. When the users have joined, they can access the project and the folders and the files to which they have permissions to.

Learn how to :

Invite users in Trimble Connect for Browser ›

Invite users in Trimble Connect for Browser's 3D Viewer ›

Invite users in Trimble Connect for Windows ›

Invite users in Trimble Connect for Mobile ›

Resend an invitation email ›

Restrict project member invitations ›

Watch the Skill Builder Video: Creating Groups & Inviting Users

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12-07-2017 02:56

Hi Karthik,


We have been using the project template for new projects and find it helpful. As we have new additions to the team on a monthly basis it becomes a bit time consuming adding multiple users to multiple projects that have already been created.

Using the spreadsheet and importing users should make things a little easier, but it would be great if we could add a user to multiple projects in one go. I don't see this functionality currently.

12-06-2017 12:53

Hello Paul,


You could export projects members to excel from one project and import them to other projects as needed: Import/Export Users . In addition to this, you can also create project using another project as template: Project Template 




12-04-2017 07:50

Is it possible to add a member to multiple projects at once, instead of having to do it individually by project?

Also, when I try to add persons to a project I can look in a company directory. I am currently working on a joint venture project and users have different domain names to myself.Is there a way of adding users from company directories other then those with the same domain as myself? 





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