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  • Named User License Issue

    Customers using Tilos 11.1 MR3 in combination with a Named User License can experience problems with activating the license. This problem can be fixed by replacing one file on the installation - see the Civil Construction Software Download area for further details.
  • Issues connecting to IBSS

    Incident Details
    Some customers are reporting issues where machines/ rovers are unable to connect to base stations. This behavior is not widespread to all regions. The engineering and operations teams are currently investigating.

    Status: RESOLVED!

    Incident update - Sep 26, 2022 7 am MDT
    The infrastructure upgrade activity is complete. WorksManager/ TCC slowness and/ or IBSS connection issues in the field should not occur. Thanks for your patience, and regret inconvenience.

    Incident update - Sep 23, 2022
    We are planning to do the infrastructure upgrade as part of a scheduled maintenance activity on Saturday, Sep 24th between 12 - 2 PM GMT. WorksManager/ TCC/ IBSS might not be functional during this period.

    Incident update - Sep 22, 2022 8 AM MDT
    We continue to experience very high loads at peak time, resulting in intermittent non availability of services including IBSS. We found the root cause, and implemented a few quick fixes during the week days (those that can be performed without a scheduled down time). However, they have not had the desired effect.
    We have now planned for a major infrastructure upgrade over this weekend with a scheduled maintenance window. Regret inconvenience...

    Incident update - Sep 13, 2022 12:30 AM MDT
    We are making infra changes to accommodate higher loads, short term/ long term. We have given a fix to keep the load under check. We continue to monitor

    Incident update - Sep 12, 2022 8:30 AM MDT
    The service has become unreliable again. We observe a high load hitting the servers. We are working with the infrastructure team.

    Incident update - Sep 10, 2022
    10 PM MDT
    We did a server restart activity during the weekend, and we are observing.

    Incident update - Sep 8, 2022 10 AM MDT
    The teams from both the field and the cloud side are investigating the issue to find the root cause.

    Incident Start Time:
    Sep 7, 2022 6:00 AM MDT
  • Quadri for Windows 2022.6 has been released!

    This new version includes many new enhancements and bug fixes. See details in the Release Notes. Download the setups here.
  • Trimble Connect Maintenance break on Oct 2nd

    There will be a maintenance break in all Trimble Connect regions on Sun Oct 2nd, 5:30-6:15 am UTC. During this time, all Connect services are inoperational.
    This affects project creation and up/download with Penmap Project Manager and Penmap for Android.
  • Quadri for Windows 2022.5 has been released!

    This new version includes many new enhancements and bug fixes. See details in the Release Notes. Download the setups here.

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