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EZy69BqQsCyqTIvW3oKA_temp.pngSoftware Development Kit (SDK)

Managing your TMLs

Status is a TML written by Rockpile Solutions to manage registered TMLs from within Trimble Business Center. 
TMLStatus displays the registered TMLs and makes the installation and/or updating into a simple button click

Click Download TMLStatusto download the TMLStatus installation program. The installation package removes the burden of having to manually download, navigate, install, and unblock the files needed to run TMLStatus and other registered TMLs.

Legal Notice

Trimble is not responsible for any damage caused by running either macros/extensions installed by Trimble Business Center or those that you install from other developers. For more information, please see:
See more in the Library...

Announcements List

  • TBC 2023.10 Macros Release

    Macro Developers

    Macros SDK release for 2023.10 is available. Find the download link below or in the "Software Development Kit (SDK)" dropdown


    The Visual Studio 2019 Project Template (TbcMacros) should also be updated with the latest changes. 

    Two major changes this last release within the project template was the addition of the "Trimble.Sdk.UI" project reference and migration of a number of lower-level controls (InputMethod, MousePosition, UIEventArgs, etc.) to the "Trimble.Sdk.UI" from "Trimble.Sdk.Interfaces.UI". 

  • Updates for TBC 5.90

    The zip file of sample macros was updated to work with version 5.90.


    This note is for macro developers.

    There is an updated SDK available for 5.90.


Latest Discussions List

  • Hi guys, does any of you have experience with supporting proxy server settings in your TBC macros? I´ve used several TML built-in functions in some of my macros to check internet connection and get the current datum from the internet (instead ...

  • Thanks Bryce - I appreciate your fast response! While you are there, can you also add the reference for Trimble.Vce.UI.UIManager for the v5.40 code? (for completeness sake) I am using VS2022 because I am working on a TML development process that mostly ...

  • Thanks for your insights Quan. The reason we haven't added the TBCMacros template to VS2022 is that IronPython support was dropped in this version. For now, the recommendation is to continue to use VS2019 as the support is a little better when it comes ...

  • Hi Bryce, My apologies. I use Visual Studio 2022, and my instructions for testing a new TBC SDK missed an important step: copying the updated TbcMacros.zip from the VS2019 folder to the folder for VS2022 - and importantly, verifying that the project ...

  • Hi Quan, The TBC Macros release for 2023.10 has the updated project templates for Visual Studio 2019. The template zip is removed and reinstalled during installation so the latest template should be available (Documents/Visual Studio 2019/Templates/ProjectTemplates/TbcMacros.zip). ...

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