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EZy69BqQsCyqTIvW3oKA_temp.pngSoftware Development Kit (SDK)

Managing your TMLs

Status is a TML written by Rockpile Solutions to manage registered TMLs from within Trimble Business Center. 
TMLStatus displays the registered TMLs and makes the installation and/or updating into a simple button click

Click Download TMLStatusto download the TMLStatus installation program. The installation package removes the burden of having to manually download, navigate, install, and unblock the files needed to run TMLStatus and other registered TMLs.

Legal Notice

Trimble is not responsible for any damage caused by running either macros/extensions installed by Trimble Business Center or those that you install from other developers. For more information, please see:
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  • Hi Gary, thanks for your quick reply! I know, until know I've stored manuall the .vct, .imp etc files onto that folder, however I'd like to automaticall store it there during my macros installation which is a .msi file. So my question was how to recognise ...

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  • You got it right. Just put the *.vct files in the AppData folder. When you use the "New" command, TBC will scan that folder and list any VCT files found. ------------------------------ Gary Lantaff ------------------------------

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