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  • Designs / Calibration files not syncing

    Status: Complete

    Incident Update: 22 Sep, 7:30 AM UTC
    We request the users to re-upload the calibration file again to get the latest design version if they have been impacted by this issue. A data fix is not currently possible.

    Incident Update:
    20 Sep, 3 PM UTC

    The issue is fixed. We are still evaluating the possibility of a datafix which currently does not look promising. The users can reupload the calibration file to get the latest design version.

    Issue description: There is an issue with design job creation that prevents design/config changes from being propagated to TCC. The problem is sporadic and the team is currently working on resolving it.

    Incident reported: 20 Sep, 4 AM UTC

  • Quadri Connector 2023.4 for Autodesk Civil 3D v25.1 has been released!

    Download the setup file here and see the release notes for details.

  • Quadri 2023.4 has been released!


     See details in the Release Notes and download the setups here.

  • Novapoint 2023.4 has been released!

     See details in the Release Notes and download the setups here.

  • Unable to get the WorksManager and WorksOS web pages to load

    Status: Complete

    Incident Update: 5th Sep, 5:55 AM UTC: The issue is resolved. This was because of a configuration change that is reverted.

    Cause: There seems to be an issue with one of the services. The team is investigating the issue.

    Incident reported: 5th Sep, 5:20 AM UTC

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    RE: can't import csv

    I completely agree with this suggestion. When I had the same issue, the reason for the issue seemed to be opened by Exel. I assume that the CSV file is written some invisible data if it was opened by Exel. So you should confirm the CSV file by Notepad ...

  • Every time I want to export points with photos to Google Earth I have to manually select every single point, one at a time. Based on other posts I've found please have been asking for this since 2020. "Has Media Folder" could be added to the property ...

  • Mark I recently had this happen to me with a specific file I had received. After looking at the file I found an artifact (trash text) over in one of the columns that was missed in the cleanup of the spreadsheet prior to saving it as a CSV. It gave me ...

  • Hello together After various internal clarifications, the error could be fixed by deleting and recreating the Windows user profile. So the problem is not caused by TBC or Trimble Connect for Windows. Thanks anyway for the help ...

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    RE: can't import csv

    I had this happen awhile back. Open your import editor and verify that at least 1 CSV option is enabled. Screen shot below shows P,N,E,elev,Code (Control) enabled. I accidently unchecked it at one point so TBC wouldn't recognize CSVs. ------------------------------ ...

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