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  • Slowness in accessing TCC and IBSS

    Status: Complete

    [Update 29th May, 6:00 AM GMT]
    This issue was resolved later on the 26th of May, and we were monitoring this until today.

    [Update 26th May, 4:55 PM GMT]
    Design failures/pending jobs are almost complete, except a very few that will be completed once the live traffic gets reduced.

    [Update 26th May, 2:40 PM GMT]
    This issue is now resolved. We are looking at the design sync failures/pending jobs if any to re-run them.

    : We are experiencing slowness in accessing TCC. TCC and IBSS applications are impacted due to this. There is also an impact on the design sync. The team is actively analyzing the issue. We will keep this page updated once the problem is resolved.  Regret inconvenience.

  • Trimble Access 2023.10 released

    Trimble Access 2023.01 has been released on May 22, 2023.

    This release addresses some reported issues, full details are available in the Release Notes update.

  • Geosuite Kick off Information meeting

    Today (16nth of May 2023) Anders Rosenqvist af Ã…kershult, Product Manager for Geosuite, held the Kick Off Information meeting for the Early Access Program for Geosuite Presentation. 
    A heartfelt thank you to all of you registered in this event and sharing your questions. 
    More info and updates on this program will be send to all the participants later as discussed in the meeting. 
    The video recording from the Kick off meeting can be found here and under Videos.

  • New Blog post from Rob Koot on Underground Utility Locators.

    Read the full blog post here, and feel free to comment or give us your input on this topic!

  • Last reported displays incorrect values

    Status: Complete

    [Update 18th May, 8 AM GMT] This issue is now resolved.

    [Update 12th May, 6 AM GMT] Issue on device processing slowness is resolved. We will be monitoring this.

    Description: There is an issue in the 'position messages' processing in the system. This reflects as incorrect values in the 'last reported' column in account > devices and project > devices pages. The team is actively analyzing the issue.

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    RE: Sequence

    Hi Anders Sequencing isn't available in Connect for Browser (as Petru rightly mentioned) . Regards ------------------------------ Darshan Rajaram Kamat ------------------------------

  • Hi Saif, A feature definition does not need a "*" wild card character in order to have postfix, and be treated as a separate feature after the feature processing. In your case, make a code only "g" and you will be able to code lines as g1, g2, g3, etc. ...

  • I have Feature Codes such as g1, g2, g128 etc. In the Feature Definition Manager I define the code for these as g* with the wild card character. I suppose this is legal. Could someone please confirm. When I process feature codes, results are not always ...

  • Dear Darshan Rajaram Kamat, Thank you for quick reply For the share the file we have 03 ways to share: for project member, Signed in users with the link, Any users with the link For one file so is easy to share, but if we have so many files need ...

  • Hi Hoa, Does share files help your use case? Could you please check . Currently download isn't restricted for Read only folder permission. Regards ------------------------------ Darshan Rajaram Kamat ------------------------------

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  • Posted in: Quadri

  • There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Browser 3D Viewer available at ...

  • There is a new version of the Trimble Connect Visualizer application released today. The version ...