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  • TCC Outage

    Status: Monitoring

    Incident update: 12 June, 01:20 PM UTC

    This issue is resolved, during this downtime all device sync will be retried.

    Dear WM users,

    We are currently experiencing a TCC outage, and our team is actively investigating the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Incident reported: 12 June, 01:00 PM UTC

  • TBC 2024.00 Macros Release

    Macro Developers

    Macros SDK release for 2024.00 is available. Find the download link below or in the "Software Development Kit (SDK)" dropdown

    The Visual Studio 2019 Project Template (TbcMacros) should also be updated with the latest changes. 

  • Introducing Trimble Access Software 2024.00

    I'm pleased to announce Trimble Access 2024.00 is now available for installation

    This release brings practical enhancements in four key areas, aimed at simplifying key surveying tasks for greater efficiency and ease of use:

    • Improved and streamlined key survey workflows
    • Empowering users with advanced map tools for handling large datasets
    • Seamlessly integrating cloud workflow functionalities
    • Providing support for the latest innovative Trimble hardware

    To learn more about the key features and enhancements included in this release, see the following:

    Trimble Access Product Manager 

  • Issue with Remote Access

    Status: Resolved

    Incident update: 28 May 04:15 PM UTC

    The issue has been identified and resolved. We kindly ask customers to toggle off and on remote access in devices for the changes to take effect.

    Dear WorksManager users,

    Users may face issues with the Remote Access feature from the WM UI. Our team is working on resolving this issue.

    Incident reported: 28 May 03:30 PM UTC

  • TCC Outage - Earthworks machine operators see 'Designs have been deleted remotely' issue.

    Status: Resolved

    Incident update: 20 May, 09:00 AM UTC

    TCC system is stable.

    Incident update: 14 May, 02:50 PM UTC

    TCC is up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are monitoring the service.

    Dear WorksManager users,

    We are experiencing downtime in TCC due to heavy load, the team is working on it. This is manifesting as 'Designs have been deleted remotely' for the Earthworks operator in the field. Once the system comes up, Earthworks works as expected.

    Cause: There has been an issue with the load balancer of the TCC system, and it breaks down on peak traffic. Actual root cause is yet to be identified. As a work around, another instance of the instance is initiated.

    Incident reported: 14 May, 01:30 PM UTC

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