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  • 1.  VCL Machine Macro

    Posted 06-27-2023 18:26

    I hate to ask this since I'm sure there are 1,000,000 variables, but what would it take to make a macro that essentially takes your typical Field Data design export (dxf/ttm/csv) and exports that as a VCL? One thing that would be tricky is ideally you'd have to run convert to linestrings on the DXF to play nicely with all machines. Maybe they've fixed that but no telling for sure. Would that be a difficult command to make?

    The internal VCL exports are terrible for exporting to machines. I have SO many clients with Earthworks machines not getting VCLs because they're such a pain to do right. We build surfaces out of multiple surfaces so we have to export the TTM. I hate the idea of creating a 0' offset surface to lock it in as a TIN surface. That just doesn't go well with our systems.

    Thank you for any input!

    Adam Bower