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Announcement 1 TBC Power Week II - Applications Open!
Announcement:TBC Power Week II - Applications Open!
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Dave E
I export to acad but hedge symbols are not recognised. How does anyone get around this problem? 
Sudam Fernando
Click to view content  Do you ever create texts to nameboundaries in your project ? Do you ever wish that you could easily name these boundaries using the texts you just created ?    If you do, I have some great news ! Because you can do exactly that using the ‘Name from Inside Text’ function.     Below I have a line string starting from point 1032 to 1035 and as… (Show more)
Ryan Lepke
Click to view contentIs there a way to export points (N,E, ele, D) as a .csv from TBC and sort the points by date captured (not by name)? I'm looking for a work around from using the SCS Report Utility.xlsm via SCS Data Manager. Using the Report Utility on work orders that have a large amount of data will break the Utility. I've watched it run for several minutes… (Show more)
Titus Emanuel
Click to view contentIn TBC, I can set the path for the export format definition files. We set this path to the server, so all users can use the definitions. But why can't I set the path for the import definitions? We have some user defines formats for the import and I have to copy them to each workstation to make it usable for all my colleagues.
James Barnett
When we combine multiple jobs files and send out a single job file with all the points the linework jumps. Example: point 31101 (edge of asphalt) 1549 ea      Inverse between 31101 & 1549 = 3629ft 1550 ea       1551 ea      Inverse between 1551 & 1550 = 17ft 31107 ea     Inverse between 1151 & 31107 = 3589ft --- 31101 & 31107 = 61ft 1552… (Show more)
Dene Oehme
I've got TBC Advanced with all modules.     I need to create a grid of points on a surface which I can then export as a CSV to use elsewhere.  I've been trying to find a function to create a grid of points on an existing surface but no luck.  Civil3D/Land Desktop and 12D can do it easily so I'd be surprised if TBC cant.    Can someone point me… (Show more)
Josh Weckert
Hi   I am trying to create a FXL file to meet a local roads authority standard. The attached need to be applied as symbols to particular feature codes. When using the FDM I attempt to import these as symbols from the source dwg file nothing comes through. I have also tried to import as blocks using import blocks in the FDM and I get the No… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Click to view contentTBC Power Hour Announcement - July 31st - 8am MDT     Join this month’s Power Hour session to learn how Trimble Business Center’s alignment, corridor, and surface design tools can assist you for takeoff, data prep, and as-built survey and construction workflows. With instruction-based templates and parameters, we’ll show you how to create… (Show more)
Ross Chaloupka
I have an fxl set up for a simple Light Pole collection project.   Basic collection.  Feature Code: LP    Attributes:  (Listing of pole types Alum, Wood, Steel etc) We added a comment field in the attributes for any free form comments the field person needed to add.   After importing the data, processing the feature codes and exporting to csv file… (Show more)
Robert Hoy
I've exported point cloud scan data in RCP format and attached as a reference in Civil3D 2016. It's coming in about 4.4 feet shifted to the southwest. This difference is much smaller than the scaling of state plane grid to ground so that doesn't seem to be the issue.  However, I've exported in LAS format and it imports in the correct position in… (Show more)
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