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Joe Blecha
TBC 3.90 Overview and New Feature Videos Available on YouTube! Check out TBC Survey's TBC 3.90 YouTube Playlist for two overviews and eight new feature videos that highlight new point cloud processing and extraction tools, the Legal Description Writer, new CAD commands, and more! TBC 3.90 - YouTube 
Boris Skopljak
Surface creation in TBC is definitely one of the software gems. TBC offers a lot of flexibility with appearance and creation of your surfaces. This week’s tip helps understand some of the controls you have over how your breaklines are triangulated. Here is how you might resolve the number of nodes/chords along the surface breaklines. In Project… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
New to TBC?  Want to learn more about what's new in TBC 3.90?  The TBC 3.90 short (5 minutes) and full (36 minutes) overview videos are here to help!   TBC 3.90 Short Overview:     TBC 3.90 Full Overview:  
Alan Cliff
Does anyone else have an issue with the TSC3 dropping the connection while trying to either copy files from the logger to PC or directly into TBC?   This was an issue over the last few years and the I/O board was the problem and was replace/updated  Has any one else got solution to this frustrating problem? Alan  
Riley Smith
Welcome to another TBC Tip of the Week.  Have you ever spent hours drafting and realized that you need to do some serious cleanup?  The Project Cleanup command in TBC gives you the ability to tidy up those CAD intensive jobs.  This feature removes unwanted clutter from your TBC project such as unused layer styles, snaps together those small missed… (Show more)
Wayne Boatright
In takeoff mode of HCE and using pdf files only(no cad files are available), is there a method for tracing an area, having curb islands, continuously and include curb islands and at the close of the area, the calculated area excludes the curb islands?  I have use procontractor and the calculated area of curb islands is eliminated if you keep the… (Show more)
Ross Chaloupka
I have some external .jpg files that I need to assign to points in a TBC project.  I know that I can select the points and assign the media files for each point and they will be attached but this can be quite time consuming when you have 100 or so points to do this for.  I have also dragged and drop all these .jpg files into the project and they… (Show more)
Alan Cliff
I still cannot get these to view in either HTML or Google earth. They now process fine but I try and open them and it just shows a black screen when I open the html file, or a black area in google earth?    I know there was an issue before but i thought ti had been resolved?   How do I view my panoramas  in google earth?   Alan
Ballack Li
  Hello everyone, i cannot generate the earthwork report in the TBC, because it cannot use the surface of cutting boundary when i select  Stockpile/Depression option . and why it ? How to solve it? thank you!
Riley Smith
This week’s topic is a very specific workflow but often required for many topographic and as-built surveys near power infrastructure.  Whether it is to design future utilities and structures near power lines or checking clearance for traffic beneath and above, the everyday surveyor needs efficient tools to measure and extract this information.  … (Show more)
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