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Joe Blecha
Did you know you can use the *.SHX file to assure that your point symbols used in TBC translate exactly into AutoCAD?  Thanks to Evelina from TBC’s QA team, here’s how...   Symbols can be assigned to points in TBC using the Point Symbol command.     However, when you export a DXF or a DWG from the Export command in TBC, the point symbols are… (Show more)
Riley Smith
Managing data and planning for projects is complemented using the Google Earth viewing options available in TBC.  The first option is using the Google Earth command.  This  feature allows you to transfer survey data through a KML file into Google Earth.   The offset fields allows you to apply necessary translations to the data to better match… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Did you know you can easily apply a vertical exaggeration in TBC's 3D View?   With a project open to a 3D View, notice there is a VE:1.0 text string in the bottom left corner.  What's the 'VE' stand for?  You guessed it, Vertical Exaggeration, which will apply a simple scalar value to the vertical components of TBC data like point clouds or… (Show more)
Scott Roberts
On occasion, while processing raw data from Trimble Access with "As-Staked" points I am locked out of using the "Convert As-Staked Points" function in the right-click menu. I cannot seem to identify any particular rhyme or reason for it, and the only solution / workaround is very time consuming. Can anyone explain under what conditions this… (Show more)
Sean Lahann
I have been building surfaces in TBC for the last year and I have loved the options and convenience of not having to use C3D to do my work. TBC is far better for survey work and to visualize 3D for this work; however the end product goes to engineers who need it in c3d; so here is my problem:   I create the surface in TBC without ever creating… (Show more)
Barney Brotherhood
Hi. While the Advanced Drafting features in TBC are really awesome, I'm still a die-hard AutoCAD user and continue to use this package for finishing prior to publishing, particularly for annotation/dimensioning.    I've got the hang of creating my sheet sets in TBC i.e. x-secs, plans etc. I then export the sheets as .dwg and go from there.… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Want a free trip (airfare, accommodation, and registration) to Dimensions 2018?  Submit an entry for Trimble's Field to Finish Competition and you could be headed to Dimensions 2018 to present your project and workflows on Trimble!
Joe Blecha
Take your ortho plan view images and surface models further by “draping” the image on a surface.  This provides texture and is a great visualization tool!  Here’s how… We’ll work with only a surface and a plan view image.  The surface can be generated from linework, points, point cloud, anything.  The plan view image could be an orthomosaic from… (Show more)
I attach a file "0-16K DTM.vce" There are several templates in the file. You will notice that there is a ditch that is forming on the LHS.  If you look at the previous instruction 17+VEL to 18+ Ditch 1 L, it is supposed to be 1.4m below point 17+VEL. But is not. The side slope must have terminated at the ground surface, but is overshooting… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Last Chance to apply for the first TBC Power Week - Applications accepted through today, February 5th.   The TBC Power Week is for all TBC users who are looking to increase their knowledge and productivity with TBC. Trimble customers and distributors alike are encouraged to apply!   Application Timeline The application deadline is Feb 5, 2018.… (Show more)
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