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Guys, I think that I found a major problem with total station network adjustment.   Why is not possible to perform 2D and 1D adjustment (not 3D adjustment) with total station measureaments?   3D adjustment: slope distances + vertical angles + horizontal angles 2D adjustment: horizontal distances + horizontal angles 1D adjustment: height… (Show more)
Dzevad Krdzalic
Hello   I have three recommendations for TBC: 1. Old Trimble software Trimble Total Control has an option for automatic adjustment of independent vectors. I think that it should be implemented also in TBC 2. It would also useful to compare same vectors from different sessions. 3. Computing classical 7p parameters is also standard option of…
When processing larger static surveys I have been taking the approach that I process each session as an individual project and use the merge projects function to clip the sessions together incrementally. This approach works well and saves lots of confusion. However as each session is merged, the software recreates unprocessed and unwanted…
Tom Mauriello
When re-opening a project in TBC 5.0 the layer manager does not populate with the layers in the project. Is there a trick to this or an issue?
Fernando Hentschke
Click to view contentHello everyone. I just updated TBC to v5_00_2 and got this error when im trying to run it. Anyone knows how to solve this? Installed after runing the Trimble Office Cleanup Utility. Got the .NETFramework v4.5 installed too. Just dont know what else to do...   [...] dependencies. The system cannot find the specified file.   Thanks.
Joe Blecha
May 29, 2019 - 8am Mountain Daylight Time   While direct measurements between positions in a network or boundary contribute to establish redundancy, it is not always possible.  Enter relative positional precision, set forth by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) and adopted by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) for land… (Show more)
Julius Joseph
I have some difficulties setting up the drafting templates to create  plot a frame.
Babatunde Oshinowo
I currently have TBC v.3.61 which does not support the new HTTPS protocol. The software asked me to download the version 5.0. I got an email back to download. Upon clicking the 'Download', it took me to a blank screen page with no action. What do I need to do to download successfully TBC version 5.0.   Thanks.
ben radford
From a cutting plane view I've traced an orthophoto with CAD linework to produce a pictorial 2D elevation drawing. I now want to output this as a 2D CAD file from a Dynaview/sheet view.    I select the linework in the sheet view. I then run the export to CAD command, and select appropriate format. View filter settings are set so that the relevant… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Click to view contentCartesian, grid-based coordinates are widely used as the reference vocabulary for surveyors on many projects, but for road and corridor jobs, (x,y,z) are replaced by (s,o,e) or Station, Offset, Elevation, referencing an existing or proposed alignment to determine project coordinates.  Roadway elements such as stormwater inlets, lighting handholes,… (Show more)
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