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TGO can calculate seven parameters by site correction, but I did not find that TBC has this function. Does TBC have the function to calculate seven parameters?
Sam Billingsley
I have a .job that was imported and the traverse was adjusted. However, the folder containing the .rcwx was not in the directory so it was not imported. Is there a way to import it post traverse adjustment or do I have to start over?
Dene Oehme
In TBC or HCE is there a way to cut off a pile string or even a 3D polyline, where it intersects a surface?  I've used other packages that can.   Attached is a VCE with the surfaces and piles.  The lower surface is a clay layer that I want the piles to end at.  At the moment the piles extend a long way through below the surface.     Any… (Show more)
Matt McLean
Click to view contentHello fellow TBC’ers and happy November, we’ve made it past the spookiest time of the year, Trimble Dimensions is coming up, and now we’re approaching the end of… What year is it? 2018? How did that happen!   Consistency between deliverables —at least to perfectionists like myself— is of the utmost importance, and always a high priority. Without… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Click to view contentAs a professional surveyor, one always working with the same mental and manual precision as your world-class Trimble hardware, you never make any mistakes when feature coding topo in the field right?  Perfection for each shot, for every job, every day of your five (or six or seven!) day work week, right? Well, if you are like the author and… (Show more)
Matt McLean
Click to view contentNo color, no problem, with point cloud ambient shading!   From time to time, you get a point cloud file from a third party that has no color and no greyscale. 3D points are good but not necessarily easy to make sense of when there is no color or intensity depths to it. It may just come as a big flat monotone blob that you can’t comprehend.… (Show more)
Adinath Pandit
Hello!   I have been using TBC to convert my GNSS Points from Grid Coordinates to Ground Coordinates using local site settings. This time however, my Project area is very large. The project area is 100km in length and 50km in Width. I usually used to take the centre of my project to key in the project location. But, for such large projects, is it… (Show more)
Lucas Tomasini
Hello Is it possible to calculate overbreak/underbreak volume in TBC tunnel module? How can I create a cylindrical surface for the surveyed tunnel points?
Saif Bin Darwish
I have attached types of files.   I have a Horizontal Alignment defined in TBC. I need to add the vertical definition to that HAL.   How do I go about.   In Terramodel I was using a TML : "Alignimp". It would import all data with Vertical Curves complete in one click. Do we have similar facility in TBC?
David Simonnin
Hello, I need to update my email adress and domain in my account, because when I purshased my licence I was partner of my former society. Since this year I created my own society, with new domain and email adress. How to do it? Thanks!
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