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Ross Chaloupka
We have created a custom word doc logsheet export in TBC.  We have included photos etc along with all the many of the values that you can choose in the custom export builder.  What cannot be chosen to be displayed with this export are any values pertaining to the vector used to establish the point. For RTK vector created points would be nice to… (Show more)
I'm have used several RTN networks and have just discovered the following.  My RTN vectors define the base station (network CORS) Antenna Information as Antenna Phase Center with an AdV Null Antenna.  Do I need to change this info to the proper antenna?  If so, does the Method change to Bottom of antenna mount or stay as Antenna Phase Center?  … (Show more)
Matt McLean
Howdy folks! Happy Friday, and welcome to another TBC Tip of the Week!   Did you know a large portion of the work in TBC drafting routines can be done once and repeated in every project using templates and styles? Additionally, project specific text elements can be auto-filled with smart text. I love it when I only have to do something once!   In… (Show more)
aaron bundy
Does anyone know why TBC hasnt yet introduced the precise orbit (sp3) info for QZSS and Beidou? The G, R and E orbits are covered for rapid and final orbits but china's satellite system is fully operational and not compatible. Anyone know if this is being planned for a future release?
Joe Blecha
Here you'll find all TBC Tips of the Week linked and accessible for viewing (and re-viewing!):   Field Data #4 - Spreadsheets - February 2017 #5 - Process Panorama - March 2017 #18 - Visualizing Survey Data in Google Earth - July 2017 #19 - Investigating Data with Point Derivation Reports - August 2017 #27 - "Sunny" Level Editing - February… (Show more)
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Matt McLean
In many situations it is useful to create a point between two 3D points, with an interpolated elevation and a desired horizontal offset from one of the lines; here's how that can be done easily and efficiently!   I have two points separated by 141m horizontal, 10m vertical. In the plan view I have the point elevation displayed.   Short version:… (Show more)
Katie Byron
Is there a way to separate feature attributes in custom reporting? I have set up a point feature in an fxl library to be able to mark all of the attributes of compaction testing shots (wet density, dry density, probe depth, etc.) and I would like to create a custom report that would separate certain attributes into assigned columns. Is there a way… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Did you know there is a quick way to convert binary *.job files from Trimble Access into *.jxl files that can be opened in a text editor for review or re-imported into different versions of Trimble Access?  The conversion routine reveals a secret of TBC… TBC converts *.job files upon import into *.jxl files temporarily, then displays the data as a… (Show more)
Matt McLean
Hello fellow TBC’ers! Happy friday!   Short and sweet one this week for you folks, I learned this myself recently and hopefully it soon becomes common knowledge! When navigating the plan or 3D views in TBC, often it is useful to use the Zoom Extents command on the View ribbon, but moving the mouse to the top left corner of TBC takes just as long… (Show more)
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