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Announcement 1 TBC Content Freeze Until Friday, December 4th
Announcement:TBC Content Freeze Until Friday, December 4th
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Recent Activity

Rui Wu
Click to view contentPresenter: Richard Hassler Session Time: October 28, 2020   Prefer a downloadable PDF? Scroll to the bottom to download it. Q: Is there a method to adjust the network vertically moving the entire dataset up and down to best fit the 3 vertical points instead of putting a tilt across it? A: It will effectively move the network up and down if you…
Ian Major
After exporting a file from TBC with photos at all the as staked points to a kmz file once the kmz file is emailed to another user or client the photo's are not attached to the points anymore.  Is there an additional step that I am missing in order to have the photo's taken with our TSC3's of our field stakes visible along with the other details. … (Show more)
Erin Johnson
Click to view contentGood morning TBC’ers! If you are using a laptop computer with both an integrated (on-board) graphics card (for example, Intel) and a discrete graphics card (for example, NVIDIA) enabled, have you ever noticed TBC freezing when you are working with points clouds? Well, to avoid this problem, you must select to disable the integrated graphics card… (Show more)
Ted Schwartzhoff
Other CAD programs (AutoCAD) have a "find" command that allows the user to search for text and replace it if needed.  Is there any way to do that in TBC?  Or is there a macro is available?
Chase Smith
How can we pull data from Trimble devices in Windows 10? Using Windows Mobile Device Center will not work in Windows 10. Please advise.
Jarek Haverluk
Hello,   Some of our surveyors are experiencing an issue opening a linked file for one of our main TBC's. Upon further investigation, it seems that when a CSV is exported, random point codes will duplicate many times over (see attachment)   This is causing an error on our survey controllers, when I deleted the long duplicated text strings,… (Show more)
Mark Turrin
I have a partial license but would like to try out some additional features.  How do I get a trial full version?
Jon cowan
Click to view contentIs anyone else experiencing issues with trying to download ephemeris's for baseline processing with TBC 5.32? It is not working for me with version 5.32.  I get the following message:   going manually to gives me this web page:   I never checked before where the internet downloads was drawing ephemeris's from because it always… (Show more)
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