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Riley Smith
Click to view contentDon't know what to do with all that imagery?  Did you know that TBC can create panoramic images from Trimble VISION instruments such as the SX10, S7, S9, and VX total stations?  Perfect addition to your client requirements!      The Process Panorama command allows the user to specify which of the stations to process and apply blending and… (Show more)
Cameron Calver
Hi i am having issues with the TBC Site calibration   I want it to hold the ground (Total station MGA ) points fixed and then convert / transform the GNSS points (WGS84) to fix in with my total station points   It seems to be dragging the MGA points over to the incorrect GNSS points
Saif Bin Darwish
I am having some issues with TBC-GIS Module.   1. Decimal Values - Not respecting set properties.   See attached  "ScreenShot-1". Decimal numbers are set to zero in the FXL file. Yet there are two decimal values by default for "Object ID". This is true for all numerals. How to set to Integer only? and enforce it.   2. After creating properties,… (Show more)
Terison Kurimwi
TBC version 5.2 Drafting Templates are now linked to the coordinate system used thus, when you are using a coordinate system in the Southern Hemisphere increasing South/West, the template is rotated to face that direction and its haphazard.. Has anyone encountered this problem and how can I correct it? See attachments 
Sudam Fernando
Click to view contentWelcome back to a brand new year of TBC ! We can kick off 2020’s collection of tips by learning how we can break apart any objects that contain multiple components for further modifications, moving or even exporting individual components.    Let's take the following surface as an example, created using a corridor, but we want to be able to access… (Show more)
Jordan Litke
Click to view contentI have a trial version of the Point Cloud module to assess how it works with scan data and am getting stuck on the Extract Point Feature tool. I have run the routine for trees, which seems to do a good job identifying the trees locations, canopies and diameters. However when I try to add the points to the project, I receive the following Resolve… (Show more)
Michael Zarlengo
I am running TBC 5.20 and I am trying to use "Select Observations" to select vectors with a vertical precision greater than a specified value.  When I select apply, TBC selects the vectors that meet the criteria, but then deselects them immediately.  With the properties tab up I can see there are 5 out of the 200 vectors were briefly selected, so… (Show more)
ben radford
Click to view contentWhen changing the rendering style of an individual point cloud region in the "Properties" dialog I receive the following error once this field is clicked on:   Select a point cloud region. Press F11.    Before clicking... After clicking the drop down and selecting "colour coded elevation" for example   This is not a major thing in itself… (Show more)
Martin Kalafut (Secondary email
I urgently need your advice regarding the option CREATE DYNAVIEW.   I defined by a rectangle/linestring/polygon/polyline/boundary a portion of my data model which has to printed on A4 sheets created as a VCL template, the whole border line (see red arrow on the picture below pointing to border line) around all area is ALSO printed (what is… (Show more)
Sudam Fernando
Click to view contentAs we all know, TBC is home to an abundant amount of commands and functions that help our ease our workflows, but there may be times when we need something very specific that the current commands are not capable of doing. This is where the use of TML’s comes in, where we are able to create functions that are specific to different use case… (Show more)
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