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Saif Bin Darwish
I have attached types of files.   I have a Horizontal Alignment defined in TBC. I need to add the vertical definition to that HAL.   How do I go about.   In Terramodel I was using a TML : "Alignimp". It would import all data with Vertical Curves complete in one click. Do we have similar facility in TBC?
Ioannis Mougiakos
How can I check the quality of imported GNSS raw data. Eg. Signal to Noise Ratio vs time diagram? THNX.gnss post processing
Saif Bin Darwish
In this job I have to create templates from a reference line flowing out on both sides of that reference line. I tried to start with a Offset and 0% segment. While I could complete all segments to the right of the Reference line, I inserted segments to the Left of the Reference line by applying a condition.   I doubt this is the correct… (Show more)
Jeff Jalbrzikowski
Traverse Kits - boresight, or "coarse sight" like on total stations, on top of prism "can" for more accurate aiming, would help on vertical aiming for sure Tribrachs - laser engrave the accuracy of the bullseye level so the user is better informed, or at least include that on a spec sheet in the delivery/packing TA - add an option in Map-based… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
September's TBC Power Hour Announced!   Join us for an introduction to Trimble Clarity - Trimble's web-based geospatial data viewer and collaboration tool - to be released with TBC 4.00 at Intergeo!   We'll spend the hour discussing Trimble Clarity, the benefits and features of the online web viewer, how to share Trimble Clarity… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Have you signed up for tomorrow's Power Hour? We'll be talking about Network and Traverse Adjustments in TBC, when and how to use each approach, and working through data sets to showcase each routine.   Check out more details here:   Geospatial Webinars 
Riley Smith
Bet you didn’t know about this week’s TBC tip!  You can enter azimuths into any angle control box and automatically change them to the corresponding bearing value.  This is very useful for speeding up key-in of cadastral map data.  The image below shows a typical angle control, in this case, in the CreateCOGO command window.  You can find the… (Show more)
Riley Smith
This week we are exploring the right-click mouse button in TBC.  There are many reasons why it is useful to know what this button can do for you especially the time you can save.     The primary function of the right-click mouse button in TBC is to allow quick access to many of the commonly used commands.  By right-clicking in the plan, 3D,… (Show more)
Riley Smith
One of the powerful features of TBC is the data connectivity.  Raw data from the sensor such as total station, GNSS, scanners, and UAS is all linked to the associated deliverables such as surface models and CAD linework.   In this short video, we demonstrate changing raw survey data (prism height) to dynamically update the surface model.  Hope…
Video preview image▶︎
Riley Smith
Using TBC to troubleshoot your field surveys is like detective work. Wondering how a specific point location got computed? Looking at the point properties doesn’t tell you much about the point info? In that case the tip below will be very useful. Point Derivation Report will be your best friend. In this example, there is traverse, static GNSS, and… (Show more)
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