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ben radford
From a cutting plane view I've traced an orthophoto with CAD linework to produce a pictorial 2D elevation drawing. I now want to output this as a 2D CAD file from a Dynaview/sheet view.    I select the linework in the sheet view. I then run the export to CAD command, and select appropriate format. View filter settings are set so that the relevant… (Show more)
Ross Chaloupka
I have an fxl set up for a simple Light Pole collection project.   Basic collection.  Feature Code: LP    Attributes:  (Listing of pole types Alum, Wood, Steel etc) We added a comment field in the attributes for any free form comments the field person needed to add.   After importing the data, processing the feature codes and exporting to csv file… (Show more)
Hi All How I can modeling the foundation design model in TBC from autocad file. Please see my attach file for more detail If you can please make short video for help me. Thanks All
Sean Lahann
I would like to print out the profile slice views that can be created in TBC. I have created an existing ground surface and I would like to be able to show sample profile sections at different points around the surface, is there a way to do this?
Joe Blecha
Join us on November 29th for the November TBC Power Hour on Site Calibrations and Local Site Settings in TBC   Site calibrations, localizations, and ground coordinate computations are not just for survey field software. Let us show you the powerful tools in TBC to create and edit multi- and single point site calibrations, set a single point… (Show more)
Saif Bin Darwish
Look at the segment 17-18. I have given a specific offset of 3.845m and slope 2% to make it terminate at the Finished slope. If I have to add further Embankment layers at say 30 Cm Offsets lower down, I will have to compute the lengths for each segment. This defeats the purpose of the Software itself. In Terramodel, I  assign a segment length of… (Show more)
ben radford
I am trying to get CAD filter options to appear in Filter manager. I follow the instructions in the help but when I "right click on a category in the advanced filter options"  (the CAD category, which is currently not shown in Filter Manager by default) it will NOT bring up any context menu, and I can't get this category to show. None of the… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Call your friends, call your neighbors, call your CAD office staff! The wait is over! TBC v4.00 new feature videos are complete and posted on our TBC Survey YouTube channel. Link to the v4.00 playlist here: Videos include: - What's New in TBC v4.00 - Integration… (Show more)
Saif Bin Darwish
I have a *.lok file created in Leica Controller. I wish to use a Trimble TSC 3 Controller with Trimble Access. I need the Localization file of Leica (*.lok) to be converted to a localization file of Trimble Access  (*.dc) file. Is it possible to do that inside TBC? Is there another method?   Can I use the Parameters such as Origin, Translation… (Show more)
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