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Cort Byrnes
We are swapping out an older computer that had TBC 5.0.  We used Laplink software to handle the computer swap of files and it did well, except for TBC.  The key will not transfer and it wont recognize the USB key in either computer now.  tried re-installing from old disk and upgrading, but still wont recognize.  Any thoughts on what we could do?
Eric Wahlig
To the developers of TBC: In the Point Spreadsheet, could you please add the same type of custom filtering algorithm found in the Feature Code > Custom Filter to the Point ID > Custom Filter. Some of us use various combinations of alpha-numeric point ID naming and the current custom filtering algorithm is set up for only simple numeric filtering.
Matt McLean
Click to view contentGood day, welcome back to another TBC Tip of the Week! In this weeks tip, we will look into how TBC handles the drag and drop importing of files. Do you use it already? Did you know you can often skip the import pane all together? Let’s look into how this works and how to tell that dragging and dropping is the way to go! When a file is imported… (Show more)
janagi raman
hi, I am using Trimble business centre version 5.0. I have an error when want to change the coordinate system. always ask for repair. Even I uninstall and install the software still the same error. please check my attachment and advise how to overcome the issue 
Radek Myszak
Click to view contentIs there a way in TBC to create line by slicing through other lines as per picture below. Final Line should have nodes and elevations from intersections points. 
Juan Serpas
Is there an easy way to change the direction of a horizontal alignment in TBC?   I can change the direction of a line string; but is there a way for a horizontal aligment?
janagi raman
hi, I am Trimble business centre Version 5.0. I have an error with a coordinate manager. when open to change the coordinate manager always has an error to repair. I try many time install and uninstall but same error located. Please help me how to overcome this error
Joe Blecha
Leverage the details and data of dense point clouds like never before with the enhanced Cutting Plane Views in Trimble Business Center (TBC) v5.00. Join us for an in-depth demonstration of how Ben Brookman at BCZ Engineering in Galesburg, Iowa used the Trimble SX10 and TBC to help structural engineers and architects transform an old barn into a… (Show more)
Matt McLean
Click to view contentIf you’re anything like me, trying out new things is the most time consuming part of the day. TBC has long had guided workflows to ease this process and help accomplish common tasks quickly. In this weeks tip we will find and explore those guided workflows! They can be found in two places.    1. The Support ribbon, Learning section, Help.… (Show more)
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